Advent calendar: DEC 6

December 6, 2010

Mittens on? Good. Give that sixth door a shove, then…

Oooh la la! It’s a pretty Housetohome pic! Not the most ground-breaking of ideas, I confess, but a lovely shot nonetheless. I spotted lots of old chandelier crystals at the flea market I went to last week (am finally back on the all-powerful PhotoShop so I’ll post about my finds later today!) – and there are plenty of spray-able twigs in my garden, so perhaps I should have a go at making a festive centrepiece like this? It’s so simple. All you need is a branch, a vase, a can of spray paint in silver, white or grey, and some pretty vintage crystals. Bish bash bosh, as they say. – Ellie

A plea to RE

June 24, 2010

Oh RE. Naughty RE. You just keep on tempting me with your RE-found objects, and your RE-ally lovely vintage bits and RE-cycled bobs. It’s always the same. Just when I think I’ve seen it all, and I’m RE-ady to RE-tire, you ping me a tasty little email and TEASE me with your latest REeeee-diculously nice collection: little milk bottles, butterfly plates (liddle beeet Lou Rota), chandelier crystals (who knew? but I need one) and, your final trick – crochet hangers. Which. You. Know. I. Can’t. RE-sist. Sigh.

But I forgive you your sins, RE. Because it’s not you – it’s me. And these new products are SO RE-freshing! What wouldn’t I give to be at this garden party right now, elderflower champagne in hand…

These little milk bottles look SO lovely with tea lights and single blooms – this is a fab styling idea for a wedding!

Mmmm, loving these vintage-style candle holders…

…and, of course, these hangers. Particularly pleasing in a tREe. – Ellie