Advent calendar: DEC 11

December 11, 2010

O come all ye faithful, give that 11th door a mighty shove. It’s a biggie…

It’s a beautiful hand-printed Christmas card from Sort Design! At the Cockpit Arts open evening recently, I bumped into the moustached, charming and ‘revisionist’ typographers from Sort, and admired their lovely wares. To be honest, they probably thought I was a right freak because I hung around cooing over trays of type for an unhealthy length of time before stocking up on ‘Allotment Fancier’s Stationery Sets‘. Just in case. – Ellie

Typography Christmas cards

December 14, 2009

Rachel Bright‘s cards and prints have long been a fave of mine…so I love these festive cards in fabulous fonts! – Ellie

‘Tis the season to dig out your glitter glue, fa la la la laaaa, la la la laaa. Find your festive foil, stock up on sparkly sequins, and grab your sharpest scissors – it’s Advent tomorrow and high time you were getting crafty. Homemade Christmas cards show you really care, are all very now (what with the ‘crafting revolution’ and what-not) and – an added bonus – they’re CHEAP AS CHIPS. Winner all round, really.

Here are some cracking craft ideas…numero uno: Use sweet wrappers to make festive cards. Yes, I know. This looks like a shameless excuse to eat a load of tea cakes in the name of art. You might be right. But look how sweet (boom boom) the results are…

I’ve got 50 people to send cards to. That’s a lot of tea cakes to eat, even for me. SO, I might also make some cards using this cute personalised stamp idea…

I guess you take an actual (used) stamp and glue your photo on top of it. Love it! And this is pretty quick to make. You could use this idea on your envelopes too, as long as you put a real stamp on it as well, obviously! Sometimes, the simplest ideas are the best – like this paper doily card idea:

Some spray paint (such as Plastikote), a doily or two (99p for a million from your local pound shop!) and a load of cheap plain card, and Bob’s your uncle – job’s a good ‘un. You can find loads of craft ideas on the wonderful House to Home website, too – from how to make your own crackers to how to make a Christmas stocking – they’ve got it covered. Right, now where are those tea cakes? Better get started straight away… – Ellie