Cox and Cox: SUMMER 2011

February 7, 2011

So I’ve numbed my throbbing wisdom tooth pain with prescription painkillers and it’s time to take a five minute break from the never-ceasing-hamster-wheel AKA The Ship of Dreams. I’ll have a little gander at the lovely new Cox and Cox look book. Ok, so it’s A3, which means it doesn’t really fit into an A4 folder unless you fold it in half and crease all the pages, which is one of my Top Three OCD Pet Hates (along with books that aren’t sorted by colour – ongoing issue – and press releases with the subject line ‘SNEAKY PEAK’ instead of ‘PEEK’, thus implying some kind of secretive mountain…) – but, all is forgiven because the huge A3 Cox and Cox pictures are SO BEAUTIFUL. The bigger the better, as the actress said…

…enough of this drug-induced twaddle. Let’s look at what’s on offer. There are glass bell jars and elegant tin barn stars – remember Amish-chic? Le Trend De Puritan? You heard it here first. I know – the irony. They’d be LIVID. But they probably aren’t shallow enough to read a shopping blog…no offence, like…

I love these numbered cards – perfect for tables at a wedding reception , or just to sprinkle around your home in a decorative-yet-boyfriend-baffling way.

Keep your eyes peeled for graph-paper-patterned cotton ‘Doodle’ tablecloths you can draw on – presumably aimed at kids, granted, but I won’t tell if you won’t. Imagine the fun you could have…you could draw a chess board…you could play noughts and crosses surreptitiously under your napkin at boring dinner parties when friends-of-friends become intolerably dull droning on about politics or religion or whatnot and all you want to do is play Pictionary and get drunk…you could write nagging reminders to hopeless family members…you could even draw a plate and then put an actual plate on top of your plate picture. Like an invisible place mat. Crazy, I know. The possibilities are endless…

I particularly like these Japanese-print paper-wrapped votives – so pretty, even when your tealight’s not lit. I also like the delicate lace candle – made of wax with a sheet of antique lace embedded inside it, so when it’s lit, the pattern shows through – and the gorgeous Maroq garland…

Before I dash, there’s just time to sneak a PEEK at the best of the rest – including teeny-weeny Borrower-style cutlery napkin charms (get the look: raid the nearest dolls’ house) and the fabulous ‘Cheesy Feet’ pastry cutter. I kid you not. Over and out. – Ellie

Advent calendar: DEC 9

December 9, 2010

Poor Rudolph.

But what lovely paper stars he’s found at Cox and Cox! – Ellie

Thanks to Henrietta at Cox and Cox for sending me these lovely new autumn/winter pics – you’ll have to wait until September to order these treats, but let’s have a little look at some of the stunning new stock…

I love these mercury glass number votives – they’re going to be £14 for three. And check out these cute motif tealights which will have a £15 price tag for three…

If you’re having a wedding, you’ll love these gorgeous monogrammed cards and funky favour badges…

Ooooooh, I’ve got a real THING for mercury glass at the moment. The more I look at the top image, the more I like it! – Ellie

Twinkly Christmas lights

December 8, 2009

Just spotted this lovely tree of light from Cox and Cox – so pretty. The perfect place to sing carols…

I’m starting to panic about Christmas…I haven’t bought many presents yet…our tree sits in the garden looking sad in a bucket…I’ve run out of pritt stick half way through making my Christmas cards, and keep forgetting to buy some more, so they lie abandoned in a well-meaning-but-ultimately-unfinished-and-unposted pile…and as for my ambitious plans to sew stockings and make a wreath – well, the less said about all that the better!! – Ellie

Gorgeous grey walls, rich red head board, retro accessories and pretty flowery bed linen – mix it all together, and this is what our style team got:

cottage-floralsHow cute! And it’s not an expensive look – the Bekvan stool is £7.82 from IKEA, the Barometer red lamp is £33.90, also IKEA, the bedlinen is £19.50, M&S, and the LOVE cushion is £45, Cox & Cox. I’ve recently bought some felt with the intention of sewing my own LOVE cushion in black and white…it’s on the TO DO list still sadly! There aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes. – Ellie

We love, erm, LOVE pillows

September 14, 2009

I don’t want to sound like I’m in High School Musical or some similarly saccharine tweenie flick, but O.M.G! Why did nobody tell me that Cox & Cox’s gorgeous pink LOVE pillows (which I have been ogling for a while and debating whether or not to buy…) are in fact available directly from the people who make them, Lush Designs, for £7 less than Cox & Cox, and in lots of different colours, including red, which is perfect for our bedroom as it co-ordinates with my Union Jack bunting? SIGH. You just can’t get the staff these days. – Ellie

love pillows pink monkey

Cool off during the British heat wave with these beautiful seaside shots from our friends at Greengate. Mmmm, so pretty. So, Greengate.




I wish I could dive into that deep blue ocean right now! The whole Ideal Home team has been traipsing around London today visiting Christmas press shows to preview all the baubles, trees, cards and decorations that will hit the shops in November. It’s very surreal to be chatting about Christmas tree trends in soaring temperatures, but we got some great ideas for photo shoots and features, and saw some stunning new collections. Highlights include the beautiful festive products from Cox & Cox:


Cute paper angels…paint-your-own cardboard NOEL letters…a family of owls sewing kit…a circus font stamp set…duck tape (tape with ducks on it, LOVE IT) and metallic birdies – the people at Cox & Cox have found so many lovely treats! Right, snap back to July…and it’s ice lolly time me-thinks. Again… – Ellie