Today, we’ve got a sneaky cheeky preview of Kelly Doust’s new book, The Crafty Kid, due out in the UK this July (and out in Australia this June). It’s the sequel to her first book, The Crafty Minx – also the name of Kelly’s blog – and it’s bursting with fun craft projects to do with children, and for children.

There’s plenty to choose from in this 250-page crafter’s treat, and the pictures are lovely! Fresh, colourful, and beautifully-styled with vintage cotton reels, pretty buttons and haberdashery bits and bobs. There are over 50 projects, from cotton book bags, felt egg cosies and oilcloth aprons to picnic blankets and bedroom decorations.

There’s a photo of Kelly at the back of the book in front of her lovely vintage yellow-painted craft cupboard, and if you pop to Design*Sponge, you can see more pics of her house. I like the way that she conveys a sensible ‘make-do-and-mend’ philosophy throughout this book – recycling scraps of fabric and using thrifty finds wherever possible.

Even if you don’t have kids, there are loads of ideas in here that you could actually just make for yourself! Or, make as gifts for children of friends. There are helpful ‘Keeping little hands busy’ boxes throughout the book with simple tasks for children to do at every stage.

The Crafty Kid is published by Murdoch Books this July, and will be £16.99. – Ellie

in honour of lisa stickley’s new book, made at home, (which is gorgeous and due to be published by quadrille on the 2nd of july), this post is written in lower case letters with no upper case letters at all.

the reason for this is that lisa’s book does not have any capital letters in it. i find that typing is actually a lot quicker and easier this way. perhaps that’s why she does it? or maybe her caps lock key is bust. the mind boggles. either way, her new book is absolutely delightful, as you might expect. it starts with a ‘basic techniques’ section, then covers four key areas of the home: kitchen, living room, bedroom and laundry, with step-by-step sewing projects for each.

i love the way this book is written – lisa’s quirky style shines through on every page: “for an extra posh napkin it is nice to add a buttonhole to one corner. i first saw this done on a british airways napkin from the 1960s; it is a great idea, especially when wearing a white shirt and eating spaghetti.” indeed.

the book is filled with lovely photography that inspires you to get stitching…like this cute cushion shot…

you can get your mitts on a copy of this book for £16.99 in july. – ellie