Crafting gold dust!

August 14, 2009

Hurrah for internet serendipity! Hurrah for Fridays generally! Hurrah for the sunshine gently warming mucky Southwark! Bethan’s just found a fantastic online resource packed full of thousands of beautiful high-resolution insect, bird and butterfly pictures, and we’re already planning a myriad of exciting craft projects we could use them for. (No, we don’t get out much!) If you’re a crafting queen yourself, check out the stunning Victorian natural history clip-art illustrations at this random web address and imagine the possibilities! I’m going to make some greetings cards and gift tags, some wall art with the butterflies (think John Dilnot), some transfers for vintage china plates (a la Lou Rota) – and that’s just for starters. I don’t even have to cut up any vintage books/magazines for once. If I could only work out how to get a grave accent symbol for the ‘a’ in ‘a la’ on this stupid blog editing system, I’d be a happy girl today. You’ll find the secret stash here. – Ellie

crafting heaven