…make a gin and tonic!

I love this print from Dear Colleen on Etsy – and I’m becoming more and more obsessed with bulldog clips on nails! I might include a little clips area on my bedroom wall for an ever-changing display of prints, postcards and photos. Anyway, weirdly, life did give me lemons recently – literally. For some unknown reason (well, they were on ‘two-for-one’ apparently) the other half presented me with 12 lemons the other day, so I decided to consult Delia and make some lemon curd.

It was the easiest thing I’ve ever made…give it a go! You need the juice and zest of four lemons, four eggs, 350g golden caster sugar, 225g unsalted butter, and one dessert spoonful of cornflour. See the method on Deliaonline.com. Not particularly healthy (not at ALL healthy, actually) but very, very tasty! – Ellie
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Nutella? Cream cheese and salmon? Lemon and sugar? Whatever floats your boat! Pancakes are always a hit. Check out Delia Smith’s basic pancake recipe and get flipping this evening for a tasty supper.

Head to Good to know for fabulous pancake ideas, including Cadbury’s Creme Egg Chocolate pancakes!! – Ellie