Now, generally I’m not a fan of souvenirs, especially royal souvenirs (although I have a wonderful Charles and Diana plate which is so hideously tacky that it might possibly now be classified as kitsch and ironic? Perhaps…) but, with the big day mere months away, the first royal wedding themed souvenirs and photo shoots are beginning to pop up. I love these fun pics from Sainsbury’s:

No doubt Wills is crafting away even now – in between flying his helicopter and rehearsing his wedding vows – Kate probably has him chained to a desk, stamping away with his little Cox and Cox alphabet stamp set and his favourite selection of crown stamps from Ginger Pickles (no connection to his brother).

If you decide to throw your own wedding tea party on 29th April (and why not?! You don’t know them personally, I presume, but any excuse for a knees up, eh…), you’ll find hand-held paper flags galore at Sainsbury’s (£2 for a four-pack). You could even frame a photo of the happy couple and create a wedding-themed display…although this might be a step too far, even for a neurotic stylist such as myself…

Check out the recyclable paper cake stands, £4.99, also from Sainsbury’s – great for a party. If the likes of the now-notorious ASDA engagement mug don’t float your boat and you prefer to mark the occasion with some good old fashioned chores, make sure you take a peep at this new ‘I DO’ (shouldn’t that be ONE DOES?) tea towel from Swedish designer Maria Dahlgren at Cloudberry Living:

You could munch on some celebratory biscuits from Biscuiteers, paper a feature wall with the special PRINCESS paper from Graham and Brown, or buy an amusing plate from KK Outlet

And, despite the fact that it’s a spring wedding, it wouldn’t hurt to wear a pair of these cute Donna Wilson gloves. Just in case you forget what’s going on. Remember: your right hand is marrying your left hand. Erm…

If you’re on a budget, might I suggest you recreate this using a biro, straight on to your skin. It’s the royal wedding, after all. Let’s get involved. – Ellie

I do like Donna Wilson‘s cheerful designs. And I do like a bit of Ercol (as demonstrated by my recent epic seven-hour journey – three trains, one bus and a taxi – to the deepest darkest depths of Spalding to collect a magical Ercol coffee table bought for £9.99 on eBay because the seller didn’t use the word ‘Ercol‘ in the listing durrrrrr). Therefore, I am excited and delighted to hear that as part of TENT London, at the London Design Festival, Ercol and Donna Wilson have got together to create The Best Studio Couch In The Whole World Ever. Here’s what it’ll look like:

If you’re in London, you can see it at The Truman Brewery from next Wednesday 22 until Sunday 26 September. And the Ercol fun doesn’t stop there – oh, no. Textile designer Sarah-Jayne Guest will also be there, showing Ercol Originals pieces re-upholstered in her stunning, vibrant fabrics (you might have spotted these already at the One Year On, New Designers exhibition earlier this summer)…

As if all this isn’t enough, Ercol’s new Messina furniture collection, designed by Dmitri Warner, will also be on display upholstered in some gorgeous Designers Guild fabrics. Sounds good to me. – Ellie

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