THREE stunning e-cards

December 23, 2009

In theory, I’m a bit against e-cards. I know they’re eco-friendly, convenient and cheap…but there’s something so lovely about receiving a paper card in the post and putting it on display. I’ve been won over by some fabulous e-cards in the past few days though…here are three of the best:

The first one’s from Marie Nichols, who left Ideal Home to emigrate to Australia in September. Such a lovely shot, and I’m all about the red and white butcher’s string. (More on that later…!)

This second stylish e-card is from Freshwater PR, and it’s making me want to paint the top of my dining table with blackboard paint! I still can’t decide whether to do this…I go through phases of thinking I should, and phases of thinking it would be a mistake. Would I regret it? It might ruin the table. But then again, it’s not an antique or anything (!) and I love the idea of drawing placemats, plates, cutlery, names, messages etc straight on to the surface. Hmm.

The last lovely e-card is from paper-cutting cheese-meister, the romantic ‘Mister’ Rob Ryan. Now, despite the fact that Rob has kindly emailed me the code to embed (?!) I am having technological ISSUES, as per, so you’ll have to click here to watch the animation, I’m afraid. One, two, three, ‘aaaaaah.’ – Ellie