Advent calendar: DEC 2

December 2, 2010

Twinkle, twinkle, little star…summon all your strength. It’s time to pull on your snow boots, roll up your sleeves and tease open door number two on the virtual calendar. Voila:

OOH! It’s a beautiful rusty tin 30cm barn star with a very reasonable £12 price tag from mailorder company Live Laugh Love. American barn stars are all the rage at the moment. Perhaps it’s the Amish/Puritan trend that’s on the horizon for 2011? Or maybe it’s because Christmas is approaching and they’re timeless festive decorations that look beautiful all year round? I went to Sunbury Antiques Market on Tuesday (and took lots of photos of vintage tat as per, but sadly due to a lack of trains and a large quantity of SNOW, I have no access to PhotoShop at the moment so can’t share them yet…) and saw yummy mummies literally filling their car boots with barn stars galore – they were selling like hot cakes! One savvy French antiques dealer had obviously got hold of a job lot and was flogging green and white ‘vintage’ (although they were clearly made in China and more vintage-style than actual VINTAGE but hey) stars for £25 each. I nearly bought one. It was a close shave, but I resisted. – Ellie