Bookish? Like typewriters? Wordy? Me too.

The Literary Gift Company is a fabulous mail-order company selling everything and anything book-related. There are tea towels and bags, mugs and badges…there’s jewellery, stationery – it’s a treasure trove and no mistake. A great place to buy gifts for others or, cough, for oneself. I love the Mills and Boon paper confetti (the hearts above) which you could throw at a literary wedding or sprinkle on your table for a dinner party – what a conversation-starter.

After yesterday’s post about tape, I’ve got a bit of a thing for the Virginia Woolf tape above – it’s £3.99 for 60m, and there’s also some tasty alphabet tape. Have a peep. – Ellie


The Valentine Files: PART I

February 8, 2010

Ever since David Page held my hand in the Book Corner and gave me a huge, glittery hand-made card to declare his undying love (we were both four at the time), I’ve been a fan of Valentine’s Day.

On HomeShoppingSpy this week, we’re going to wade through the mountains of pink plastic hearts, teddies, helium balloons and faux roses to bring you The Valentine files – posts filled with the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts and some easy ways to make your own personalised love tokens, which always mean so much more than anything shop-bought. Get crafting for your other half, your secret crush…or just for yourself to make your home look fabulous!

Our first gift idea is a stunning paper heart artwork from Sarah & Bendrix at Notonthehighstreet. These remind me of Tracey Bush butterfly frames, which I’ve ripped off, (erm, been inspired by) myself.  I like the little initial/date hearts for a personal detail and the way some are stuck down completely while others are folded and 3D – so pretty.

I’ve got my eye on these delicate ceramic hearts from The Chic Country Home, but then I always was a sucker for a bit of typography…

Another romantic idea is this stylish Bedtime Stories bed linen from Tiago da Fonseca. It’s printed with ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale from Brothers Grimm and gives a whole new meaning to reading in bed! – Ellie

Blue and white Cornishware was first produced by T.G Green & Co in the 1920s. It was a best-seller for decades, but the factory was sadly forced into administration in 2007. Supplies dried up and Cornishware became highly sought after, with items commanding absurd prices on eBay. Thankfully, I managed to blag a vintage UTENSILS Cornishware pot at a car boot sale for 50p. Whoop whoop – but alas, such finds were rare.


It all looked very bleak, until in 2008, entrepreneur Charles Rickards and brand consultant Perry Haydn Taylor bravely took on the failing firm. They re-launched the classic Cornishware in April this year, much to the relief of fans, and I’ve just found out that as well as the classic blue and white designs we all know and love, there are some pretty pastel colours on the horizon…



For the first time ever, Cornishware is going multi-coloured – there are pretty ‘ice cream’ pastel pieces, and sleek urban ones in a more masculine colour palette, too.


These gorgeous new ranges will be out in the autumn, in time for Christmas. – Ellie