Barbara Coupe: NEW cushions

December 4, 2010

Inspired by the segregation signs on the wall of her converted school house in Battersea, Barbara Coupe has embroidered these gorgeous ‘BOYS ONLY IN THIS AREA’ and ‘GIRLS ONLY IN THIS AREA’ cushions. These new additions to the fabulous London Calling collection were shown at Top Drawer and Decorex earlier this autumn and are now available via Barbara’s website and at Rockett St George.

Nice use of the Financial Times newspaper here by stylist Twig Hutchinson!

These segregation cushions remind me of the amazing 1800s school log book my other half got hold of recently. There are some hilarious entries about a lazy caretaker and lots of references to the annoying boys in the next playground who throw objects at the girls, much to the chagrin of their prim female teacher! I will try to dig it out and scan a few of the pages, then add the extracts to this post next week. Oh, what I wouldn’t give for a scanner now. And an Apple key at that. And a lap top that doesn’t burn my leg with a stupidly-positioned fan. SIGH. #workingfromhome.

JAN 2011: Well, finally, I got round to borrowing the log book and taking some DREADFUL photos of the extracts I was waffling on about weeks ago! Here they are! In case you can’t read the fabulous hand-writing, I’ve copied them out below, too.

“I had to complain to the caretaker, that for the second time this week the communication door between the girls’ and boys’ playgrounds was open at the time of dismissal. The boys were allowed to run into the girls playground, causing them much annoyance.”

“Septem: 3rd. During Standard 4 Drill in the playground on Friday afternoon, August 31st, Flor Page had her head cut by an inkwell, which had come from a window in the Boys’ Department.”

Class dismissed! – Ellie