Christmas style ideas

December 22, 2009

The obligatory tin of Quality Street chocs is open in our office, and all the strawberry ones have gone already, so Christmas must be just around the corner. Check out these lovely festive touches…egg nog, anyone?

This is cute and oh-so-simple. Use a white board marker pen to write a Christmas message to Santa on a wine glass, or use it to write your guests’ names on their glasses so they double up as place markers.

This stunning wreath is easy to make with floristry wire and pine cones sprayed white (my top tip!) with Plastikote spray paint. I love the little reindeer model in the middle – so effective.

Yes, this handmade stocking is lovely, but it’s the vintage ice skates that I really want. What a lovely, wintery look! Too late for this year now I fear, but I’ll make a mental note to scour car boot sales for a cheap pair in 2010. Not that I need any more vintage tat.

Slipping a fresh flower stem through a ribbon on Christmas morning is a lovely idea, but a faux floral corsage or silk flower would be much less hassle and last longer. Somehow, fake is never quite the same though, is it? It would be so romantic to receive a gift with a red rose tied to it! I like this idea of tying little candy canes and lolly pops to presents, too. Always a crowd pleaser…

Candles complete a Christmassy look. Go for long-lasting ones so you won’t have to dash around replacing them when you’re busy looking after your guests or relaxing by the fire (if you ARE the guest). I always fall for glass bottles of one sort or another, so these little numbered ‘candle vases’ from The Balcony Gardener are right up my street:

I couldn’t resist a few colourful Cath Kidston Christmas pics to finish off. Mixing bright colours together always creates a warm, festive look, and I love her cracker designs this year. From the number of cushions and crackers in this image, I’d say Cath’s got her work cut out Christmas-dinner-wise. Let’s hope she’s ordered a nice big turkey! – Ellie