Oh. My. Goodness. Brighten up your Tuesday afternoon with these beautiful new pictures from Graham & Green

The bright tropical colours on these Moroccan cushions are so gorgeous – no doubt they’ve been pumped up a bit in PhotoShop, but I bet they still look fabulous in the flesh.

Ceramic antlers, a white Tolix chair, a chrome phone…and a stunning green shell inlay chest. What more could a gal want?

Wow – now THAT is what I call a carpet. What a stunning mixture of trad and modern styles – which somehow works. And the shell inlay chest is pretty in pink.

LOVE the mirrors in this pic, and the Ferrari chair – but it’s the lamp that’s got me all excited. Tripod lamps are everywhere this season, and you don’t need to spend a lot to bag yourself a really stylish one. I spotted a retro wooden tripod table lamp in the Tesco Direct summer range, for just £40. Bargainous! – Ellie

Kazzbar magique

October 12, 2009

A sack of wool has appeared beside my desk. It’s big. It’s heavy. And it smells, unsurprisingly, a bit sheepy. The delivery man gave me a withering look after he had heaved it up to the seventh floor, sweating, and rolled it off his trolley. I admit I’m not looking forward to lugging it home on the train tonight…but at least if all the seats are taken, I can sit on it. And, if I don’t manage to roll it up the steep hill I live on, I could always use it to create some sort of emergency overnight nest.

style500I foolishly didn’t realise that my birthday Moroccan pouffe was sold un-stuffed – we live and learn. But now all that stands between me and the Moroccan cosy corner of my dreams is a tonne of wool and an hour-long commute in high heeled boots…

pouffeI don’t think my other half truly appreciates or grasps fully what The Arrival of The Pouffe means. Now I can play with all my pretty trays and tealights creating styled displays on the top of The Pouffe. I can put my feet up on The Pouffe when I’m watching TV without kicking over the wine on the coffee table. I can produce The Pouffe for last-minute extra guest seating in a flash. I can pat The Pouffe, proudly. The cats can sit on The Pouffe. I can perch on The Pouffe. How did I ever survive without The Pouffe? It’s quite unimaginable. What a misery my pre-pouffe, pouffe-less existence must have been. Check out these lovely pouffes in the elegant white and silver Moroccan-magic home of Cecilia Granath in Copenhagen, (but it could be Marrakesh). This is how my dream Moroccan cosy corner looks (in my head):

granath354When I travelled around Morocco a few years ago, I should have brought some un-stuffed leather pouffes back with me. Instead, I packed my suitcase full of twenty five large plastic bags of red, unidentifiable ‘spice’ which I accidentally bought in a souk due to peer pressure and which is so potent and strange-tasting, I did at one point wonder if it might be some sort of powdered paint. I used the boyfriend’s suitcase for a ridiculous, never-used, rarely-dusted, tagine. Sigh.

EME_M1Thanks to Bethan for her pretty wedding-themed post on Friday. Lovely! Makes me want to be a wedding planner. I spent my birthday weekend dragging polite-but-bored people around my favourite antiques barn in the Cotswolds, where I found some excellent vintage buys. More about that tomorrow – I need to start the wool transfer now. No pain, no gain. – Ellie

Harlequin‘s new wallpaper and fabric collections are OUT, and they’re absolutely GORGEOUS. The first range is called Bakari – inspired by ‘the organic textures and physical elements of the natural world’.

Picture 3Picture 4It’s a tranquil collection featuring soft willow patterns, leaf designs, cow parsley, seed pods and stunning shell-like, wave shapes. I really like the ‘Willow Sheer’ best – it’s so pretty as a delicate panel.

Picture 6

Picture 5The other new range, called Lalika, is a collection of rich, opulent, exotic designs, inspired by Persian and Indian textiles and architecture.

Picture 11Picture 9

I really like the paisley-meets-fretwork ‘Azara’ design (shown as a throw on the pink bed above) – striking as a fabric or a wallpaper. The ‘Susa’ wallpaper below is another highlight – and all the patterns in the collection work so well together, without being overpowering.

Picture 10It might be raining, grey, and Monday, but I have several reasons to be happy. Firstly, these lovely new Harlequin images have cheered me. Secondly, my ‘with love from ellie x‘ name tape, which I was obsessing about last week, has arrived in the post, which is VERY exciting for a crafting geek like me. Thirdly, on a similar crafting geek note, I have just been given a lovely vintage date stamp, like librarians use – perfect for letters and cards etc. And lastly, the boyfriend has just revealed he’s kindly buying me the silver Moroccan pouffe I’ve had my eye on for months for my birthday. It’s the same as the one in Graham and Green but he found it cheaper elsewhere, tee hee. I’m also very excited because I’ve just been invited to the launch party  (happening next week) of the new Hobbycraft magazine – let the craft revolution continue! I’ll give you all the gossip after the event, but for now, it’s back to work I go, I O, I O. – Ellie

silver pouffe

When I was younger, my sister and I had a big plastic globe, which we never used. It was fun to spin it furiously, but geography was never really our thing, so it sat on a book shelf gathering dust. I suspect the globe was eventually taken to a charity shop when I reached my teens, and I haven’t thought of it since. Until now. Today, I find myself scouring eBay for a ‘retro globe’ – and kicking myself for chucking out a fabulous one twenty years ago.


City globe, £64.40, Graham and Green

Globes are officially cool – everyone from Graham and Green to Dwell is stocking them, and every self-respecting designer has one perched on their desk, next to the obligatory stack of design bibles.

Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrall's home, from Design*Sponge

Swedish designer Cathy Gedda Westrall's home, from Design*Sponge

I wonder why globes are fashionable again? Perhaps in troubled times, having a pretty little plastic planet you can completely control is reassuring – it reminds you of your place in the bigger picture. Maybe it’s also an example of people craving comforting symbols from the past. Recent research reveals that when we’re faced with an uncertain future, we return to the familiar household brands we grew up with – from Bisto gravy to Bird’s custard, a recessionary revival is under way. Heinz traditional tomato soup is selling at twice the pace of its newer Farmer’s Market label and some traditional labels have reported sales rises of up to 40 per cent in just six months. Perhaps globes are symbolic of happier times – cosy old-fashioned studies, school days and childhood – and their presence in our homes is comforting on some sub-conscious level. I like these faded antique globes from Pedlars best:

Antique globes, from £69 each, Pedlars


Antique globes, from £69 each, Pedlars

If your style is a bit sleeker and your look is contemporary, take a look at these smart metallic globes from Dwell. All very urban, and not my cup of tea, but perfect for a striking, modern home.



Desk globe in black, £45; large silver desk globe, £65; both Dwell

Popping into Paperchase the other day, I realised that a quick way to bring globes to my home is with a cheery 50p postcard, so I’ve propped this one up on my desk until eBay comes up with the goods!  – Ellie


Be the first to see the new summer collection from Graham and Green





sum09_wall-of-letters…so much gorgeous-ness, so little time. Keep your eyes peeled – these lovely things are due to hit the Graham and Green website and shops in June. – Ellie

I’ve just seen the latest wallpaper and fabric design from Lewis & Wood. ‘Bewick Birds’ is inspired by the work of Thomas Bewick, a wood engraver who published the History of British Birds in 1797. I think this paper would make a stunning feature wall. Although it’s a traditional design, birdy patterns are all the rage at the moment and it could look contemporary used in a striking teal and chocolate scheme:


The wallpaper is £46 per roll, and the fabric is £44 per m, so this is a treat to save up for. The good news is you won’t need much to make a big impact. Check out these other beautiful bird buys. – Ellie


Red bird cushion, $39, Etsy


Birdy decorations, £9.75 each, Whippet Grey


Bird stamp set, £25, Cox & Cox


Bird hooks, £12 each, Graham and Green

Graham & Green is celebrating its 35th birthday this year by releasing a range of limited edition products featuring the tropical lovebirds design shown below. The Graham family has worked in collaboration with some of the UK’s top homeware designers to produce this new birthday collection, including Petra Boase (mugs), Jan Constantine (cushions), Big Tomato (ceramics), and Poppy Treffry (textiles). We’re told to expect images of these limited edition pieces in the next few weeks, so we’ll post them here asap. – Ellie