Plenty of excitement here at Ideal Home HQ today because the lovely H&M Home picnic-ware and general ‘high summer’ nonsense has been released…

“Rupert was disappointed to see that Beryl hadn’t paid much attention to his ‘travel light’ advice before their epic Lands End to John O’Groats cycle ride.”

Ah ha, a bit of the old ‘more is more’ school of styling here… I’m wondering how the magical picnic people managed to transport all this gubbins on just two bicycles, but perhaps they spend their days balancing cupcakes on ladder steps etc rather than worrying about such things.

“‘Sod this styling malarky’, said Beryl as she whipped off her tangerine bikini for a spot of post-cheese-feast skinny-dipping in the North Sea.”

Why have one lantern when you can have nine? Why have one loaf of bread when you can have three? Glad to see my favourite grain sack designs have made it to the summer range – I love the picnic cloth – and it’s just £7.99!

“Setting up camp in Whitby Bay for the night, Beryl wasn’t impressed by Rupert’s ‘shelter’, but at least she still had her hang-in-the-wardrobe bottle holder to make it feel like home.”

Elsewhere in the high summer collection, there are are funky towels, cool cutlery design melamine trays and accessories with McDonald’s staff slogans. Have a nice day! – Ellie

Advent calendar: DEC 5

December 5, 2010

Wondering what to do with all that vintage lace you’ve got lying around? No? Oh. Well, if you were to stumble upon some ancient haberdashery, you could always be inspired by the lovely H&M Home pic behind our fifth virtual door…

Loving the lace decoration above the table – and remember, kids, this stuff looks posh but is all thrillingly CHEAP (…apart from the furniture. Antique. Props. Natch. SIGH.) The frilly table runner, par example, is a mere £14. Hurrah! – Ellie

SNEAKY PEEK: H&M Christmas

September 13, 2010

Oh, H&M, you are naughty. Just when I am TRYING to control my excitement about the imminent launch of your online home accessories store (September 16th, circle it – just three days to go), you casually drop me an email full of Christmas images to tease and tantalise, nay, TORTURE me all over again…with never a thought of the gibbering, shivering WRECK I would become when faced with this gallimaufry of consumer delights:

Look at that hare stocking! Look at that woodland tea towel! Look at that ‘Home Made Bakery’ tea towel! Look! Look! LOOK!

And don’t even get me started on that ‘Good night’ pillow complete with a bird wearing a top hat. Sometimes, it’s all too much.

I love the Rob Ryan-esque place mats, and this enormous fabric bag for ‘standard’ presents!

If you’re a fan of nut nibblers and glittery bunnies, then this collection has certainly got the woodland thang going on in a big way. I. Just. Cannot. WAIT. ANY. LONGER. I leave you with this ‘cinnamon sack’ cushion. ‘Nuff said. – Ellie.

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So, yesterday, I was getting all breathless about the new H&M Home online range launching this autumn in the UK, and we had a little look at some of the highlights. Well, I now have a whole CD of pretty pics, and there are a few more bargain buys I just HAVE to share with you all…

How much would you pay for the stunning SEL DE MER cushion cover, top left? It looks like it’s been made from a vintage salt sack. It’s gorgeous. It’s classy. And at H&M, it’s going to be…just £7.99. Bargainous. The OATS & CO tea towel, top right, could be framed for retro wall art, or sewn into a cushion cover by a crafter – and it’s just £2.99. And how cute is that LAUNDRY SERVICE bag, just £12.99? Sorry to bang on about this collection two days running, but it’s basically my new favourite range. Please bear with me if vintage sacks are not your thang…normal service will resume shortly! – Ellie