LOST&FOUND: Crafting mojo

October 27, 2009

Today I am obsessing about craft, generally. This lovely new image from Dunelm Mill has got my creative juices flowing and I’m in the mood for some serious making!

dunelm mill sewingI’m glad to be feeling inspired again – recently, my crafting has hit a new low point. A few weeks ago, Bethan and I bought some new knitting needles at the trendy iKnit shop in Waterloo, and treated ourselves to some rather expensive balls of lovely wool, intending to knit chunky scarves for winter. But things have not gone according to plan. Bethan’s knitting attempt was great to start with, except that suddenly she seemed to have somehow reversed the whole thing, and all her stitches came out back-to-front. Neither of us knew how to rectify this. Then, my own little project, which was going so well, was kindly found by the-demented-destructive-kitten, and promptly tangled/chewed/destroyed in a matter of moments. So, the craft revolution is in full swing, but our latest projects have sadly been abandoned. Luckily, we were cheered up and given some fresh inspiration at the HobbyCraft magazine launch party last week. HobbyCraft is thriving at the moment, opening new stores up and down the UK, and the editorial team turned to clever craft experts here at Ideal Home to put together some lovely projects for the first issue, which is out now. Check it out here! I just wish there was a branch of HobbyCraft in central London – it’s tough for urban crafty types to get to a shop as they’re all out of town. Surely the next step in the meteoric rise should be an Oxford Street store for craft-supply-deprived Londoners…pleeeeeease?! – Ellie