Plumo worship

August 25, 2010

It’s raining. It’s chilly. The leaves are falling. I’ve been in denial, but let’s face it: summer is well and truly over in the UK. It’s not all bad news, though. The new autumn/winter collections are popping up online left, right and centre. Today, the new Plumo range went live…and it’s an absolute stonker:

I love the cheeky little owl pot holders and I’m lusting after that Danish bedside table, too!

Whoever had the GENIUS idea of putting a giant reel of butcher’s twine inside a glass cloche bell jar deserves a Trend Merging Medal. They’ve basically combined two of my favourite things to create something so completely unnecessary but absolutely gorgeous at the same time – and for reasons I can’t quite fathom, I LOVE it! – Ellie

Typewriters are cool. They’re so cool. They’re, like, really cool. Check out this print. Isn’t it cool? Does anybody mind if I over-use the word cool in this post? No? Cool.

keep calm and type onI think this is what we in the business refer to as a ‘Micro Trend’. The kind of trend that you KIND of think MIGHT be a trend, but then, when you come to find some trendy things that are part of the trend, you find, like, three things. Hence the term Micro. If it was a TREND trend – as in, horses, owls etc – there would be thousands of trendy trend-related designs fighting to be featured – indeed, we’d be auditioning all day and only a select few would make the final cut – the creme de la creme (alas still no accents, apologies) de la trend.

typewriterOf course, there’s always good old Etsy – which can, rain or shine, be relied upon to provide fantastic trend-tastic finds, even for the most obscure Micro Trend when you’re really scraping the trend dregs at the bottom of the murky, miserable trend barrel. I love the typewriter rubber stamp, the typewriter notebook, the typewriter rings, and indeed, erm, the typewriter.


American shop Three Potato Four has a lovely collection of vintage typewriters (the lovely but extortionate variety), which you could carry in a typewriter bag and, while you type, you could wear a typewriter T-shirt, while admiring a lovely typewriter print.

vintage-typewriter-keysWow – I think this might actually be promoted from Micro Trend status to TREND trend status, as there are, now I come to think of it, a few more typewriters around than I thought. Hmm, not that many though. Might just have to finish this post with a repeat of the image I opened with, but in a different colour. Cop out, I know, but times are hard. Just hope nobody notices. – Ellie

keep calm and type on

Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…circus fonts are back in town! Stop clowning around and check out these quirky buys from our lovely new June issue – out now.

circusLike these circus treats? The funky ‘Bored’ ironing board is £35 from Next; the tea towels are £7.50 for three from M&S; find the retro shopping bag for £5.99 at The Contemporary Home; and the ‘Vintage Billboard’ mugs are £2.95 each from Dotcomgiftshop. The walls are painted in a pretty lilac shade from Homebase called Butterfly Wing Sanctuary (£17.49 for 2.5ltr) and the gorgeous wall stickers are just £6.95 for the whole set, Dotcomgiftshop. What a bargain! – Ellie

David Cameron recently allowed BBC TV‘s Andrew Marr to interview him in his home, leading to newspaper features such as: Get Cameron’s kitchen look and How to collect a library fit for a high profile political TV interview. We are naturally nosy, so when a well-known MP lets us have even a small glimpse into their private home (albeit a styled, cleaner version of their real day-to-day household), we’re intrigued.


But there’s a difference between an MP making their home visible voluntarily as part of a publicity campaign, and an MP’s privacy being invaded. The recent news about Members of Parliament making controversial expense claims has brought the shopping lists of our country’s leaders into the limelight and they’ve been scrutinised thoroughly. It seems MPs are spending money on their homes and nesting their way through the recession like the rest of us, but interiors industry ‘experts’ have muscled in already with cutting critiques of MPs’ taste.


An opinion article in The Guardian this morning mourns the fact that MP Jacqui Smith displays a lack of ‘taste in the interior decoration department’. According to the article, her ‘two huge TVs’ and ‘antique-style fireplace’ bring to mind ‘disconcerting images of The Royle Family‘, while her sofabed and dining-room-table combo smacks of ‘DFS half-price sale’ which, according to the writer, ‘is not a good look’. Smith’s only saving grace seems to be her ‘Habitat stone kitchen sink,’ which the critic almost approves of.

I can’t help feeling sorry for Jacqui Smith. If she’d spent money on expensive, designer pieces for her home and claimed them on expenses, she’d be criticised. If she buys cheaper furniture, she’s accused of lacking taste.

This obsession with MPs’ personal lifestyle choices is worrying. They’re politicians, not celebrities. Surely whether or not our Home Secretary chooses to sit on a Conran chair or a DFS sofa is up to her. Whether or not tax payers should be financing her furniture shopping is another issue altogether of course, but who is arrogant enough to presume to decide what is and what isn’t ‘good taste’? Shouldn’t we be concerned about Jacqui Smith’s policies and her ability to do her job, rather than wasting time and column inches over what kind of sofa she prefers and whether or not Mark Oaten has bought an oven glove? Let us know what you think. – Ellie