I was going to use the word ‘severed’ in that title but thought the animal rights people might be concerned (as they were with The Regrettable Glowing Rabbit Lamp Post AKA Bunny-gate)…

This resin horse head wall light is new at Rockett St George. What? Yes. I know: We’ve already seen horsey designs. (I think we called it ‘Equestrian Chic‘ at the time. How pretentious). In fact, ever galloping ahead, we covered this topic in 2009, in the mane. BUT. We were somewhat aHEAD of ourselves. The trend’s evolved. Think: The Godfather (Khartoum). Think classical influences such as the Trojan horse (Why not? After all, Roman and Greek architecture was a huge story at Milan this year: check out the new Intaglio collection from Zoffany featuring architectural columns and pillars…) Think wild west, pioneer, ranch style. Think…erm, chess. Yes! It’s horse HEADS that are all the rage right now…

There’s plenty of horsing around on the high street this season. 1: Dwell‘s new wall trophy horse head is due in-store this June. 2: But, if you can’t wait, you’ll find this silver horse head at Dwell now. 3: Next is selling giant chess pieces to perch on your mantel, including this horse ‘knight’ objet. 4: You can find horse head hooks, here. 5: And fun horse head magnets at Crowbiz.

Everybody needs good NEIGHbours: This striking golden horse head ornament is about to pop up in Habitat’s AW11 range. (And don’t even get me started on magnifying glasses. That’s a whole new post…) – Ellie

Trend alert: Equestrian chic

September 16, 2009

Grab a saddle, cowboy, and get ready to ride the latest trend – a quick gallop through the autumn/winter collections reveals pony patterns and horse designs galore.

horse trend2From top left clockwise, pony clock from Decoylab; Collette horse wallpaper, Sandberg; Horsey lampshade, Rice; Pony magnets, Plumo. ‘Equestrian-chic’ is sweeping the fashion ranges this season, too. Pony necklaces, T-shirts and accessories are everywhere:

horse trend 1I like these stylish horse fabrics from Bristol-based interior designer Emily Bond. Check out Emily’s cute home accessories and Dachshund dog patterns too – chouette! 

horse trend3They obviously like horses in Bristol, because I just randomly stumbled across another Bristol-based company with pony patterns, Zedhead. It sells some really funky horse accessories including cushions, lampshades and mirrors – all with a retro horse design that reminds me of the kind of traditional colourful plaster horses you’d find on an old fairground carousel.

horse trend4So, this season we’ve got a stare of owls and now a stable of horses too. What creature will be next? Watch this space, we’re on the case! – Ellie