NEW Jme treats

April 22, 2010

A big ginger cat, a family of sugar mice and row upon row of gorgeous Jme storage jars. Is this not the loveliest larder shot you’ve ever seen? This is what I aspire to, food-storage wise. A distant dream…

Now, if I tried to recreate this kind of shot in my own home, it would be an epic fail. Previous attempts to ‘style’ my EBD cats (Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties) have not exactly gone according to plan. I love the way that on our Blog of the Week, My Friend’s House, the writer’s cat is simply referred to as ‘The Anti-Stylist’ – I think that sums it up purrfectly! But perhaps I could bribe them with sugar mice…

Love this tea towel shot with the bunny hanging out to dry. The DON’T FORGET TO EAT YOUR GREENS one looks fabulous framed as kitchen wall art. It makes me think of this lovely picture I ripped out of an issue of LivingEtc yonks ago, featuring a Keep Calm Gallery poster. Now, these are the kind of ‘greens’ I wouldn’t forget to eat…

I’ve made a few attempts to create a similar shelf display in my own home, but it’s always turned into a ‘temporary installation’ if you know what I mean. Basically, people tend to eat the props. Sigh. Anyway, back to the lovely Jme

This is a new gardener’s gift set which comes with a beautiful galvanised metal window box. I’ve been fantasising about having metal planters like this filled with white geraniums and white trailing lobelia – perhaps a project for this weekend if the sun keeps shining…

Today’s the day the teddy bears have their pic-nic…nice tablecloths!

Pretty scented Jme candles here…and beautiful vintage gardening books. Now, OBSERVE, if you will, the bottom left of this picture…the OBSERVER’S guide books. These are my current obsession and a post about these lovely little collectables will inevitably follow shortly! Right, time to finish Ideal Home‘s August shopping pages… – Ellie

THREE tea towel projects

September 4, 2009

We were chatting in the office the other day about the two types of tea towel in the world. (Oh dear.) The first kind is the manky, tea-stained, torn, faded, bought-in-IKEA-a-million-years-ago kind – the sort you use for drying up, washing the cat, wiping up mud, milk, sick etc. The second kind is the ‘decorative’ type – the colourful, stylish, gorgeous, never-used, never-washed, beautifully-made designer tea towel – possibly from the likes of Jme, To Dry For, or Cath Kidston – which is displayed at all times and is there to be admired. It is ironed. Cared for. Loved. Sometimes it is moved from one hook to another, but it is never, ever, EVER used. And woe betide any poor soul who attempts to use it.

an apple a dayIn my house, the concept of a purely ornamental tea towel is lost on certain folk – namely, the boyfriend, my visiting mother, and the naughty cats – so keeping a lovely tea towel in pristine condition is something of a challenge. That’s why the crafty tea towel makes from the October issue of Ideal Home magazine are so cool – by turning your favourite tea towel into wall art, a knitting needle case, or a cushion, you can preserve it much more easily. This ‘An Apple A Day’ one looks fab in a simple IKEA Ribba frame, while polka dot tea towels from Dotcomgiftshop make fantastic knitting needle holders.

knitting-needle-holderI like these cushions made from pretty tea towels bought at John Lewis. This idea would work well with Penguin Classics book cover tea towels, or vintage tea towels from holiday resorts, too.

tea-towel-cushionsIt’s the weekend, and I’m excited because Bethan and I are treating ourselves to a Eurostar day trip to Lille in France for La Braderie, Europe’s biggest flea market. We’re going to do some serious bargain-hunting, and we’ll take lots of photos and write a nice big post all about it on Monday. Just before I sign off, check out this gorgeous photo of Lisa Stickley‘s scrapbook:

lisa stickley scrapbookI always think that blogging is a bit like having an online scrapbook – but there’s nothing quite like the real thing. More on scrapbooking next week! Have a lovely weekend. – Ellie

It’s worked for Tupperware since the Sixties, it made millions for Ann Summers in the Nineties, and last year Richard Branson gave it a go with his company Virgin Vie. Now, Jamie Oliver is having a bash at throwing private shopping parties to flog his new collection of kitchenware and garden kit – and he’s timed it perfectly. After all, staying in is the new going out…


'Jme' with his party hostesses

The new Jme range (geddit? Jamie, Jme, genius) is sold online and through a nationwide network of self-employed hostesses who pay £100 for a starter kit and then make extra money in their spare time selling the collection to members of their social circle and at special Jme parties. According to Jamie’s public relations team, there have already been over 800 Jme parties around the UK since the party concept launched just four weeks ago, and more ‘reps’ sign up each day.



There’s a huge ‘back to basics’ shift at the moment. With so much economic uncertainty, we crave a simple, more fulfilling home life. We dream of ‘the good life’ – gathering organic vegetables, plucking fresh eggs from a rustic hen coop and skipping joyfully around a sunny orchard holding hands, eating healthy meals and living a wholesome, idyllic existence. Basically, we crave Jamie’s seemingly perfect lifestyle – (as seen on the old Sainsbury‘s adverts and on the drool-inducing Jamie At Home TV series, where Jamie waxes lyrical about Mother Nature’s bounty and cooks up treats in his stunning wood fired oven to feed his beautiful wife and three gorgeous but strangely-named children) – and the Jme products allow us to bring a slice of that lifestyle into our own homes. Rustic, simple cookware, packets of seeds and chic-but-useful kitchen tools let us buy into the Jamie dream. The products are chunky and utilitarian and have a reassuring ‘built-to-last’ quality that appeals to us when money is tight.


My personal favourites in the range are Jamie’s cheeky tea towels with amusing pro-allotment slogans on them such as: ‘Digging potatoes is always an adventure’. I’ve ordered one already! – Ellie