If you grew up in London and were a regular commuter on the Metropolitan Line, you may well remember their high back seats and capacious 1960’s luggage racks with umbrella hooks. When the trains were decommissioned last year the clever folk over at The London Transport Museum decided to rescue the racks, scrub them up and are offering a limited number in three different sizes. Available from March, you can own a little piece of London history in your own home…

London Transport Museum luggage racks, reclaimed, metropolitan line, interiors, storage, salvage, antique, ideal home, alice humphrys, homeshoppingspy

London Transport Museum luggage racks, storage, reclaimed, vintage, metropolitan line, ideal home, alice humphrys, homeshoppingspy

London Transport Museum luggage racks, vintage, reclaimed, metropolitan line, storage, ideal home, alice humphrys, homeshoppingspy

What a novel shelving solution! Made from aluminium they are super lightweight but sturdy. Perfect if you need a little extra storage in the hallway or kitchen. Other memorabilia includes a reproduction of the original 1960’s poster that introduced the newly modernised line 50 years ago…

Original 1960's poster, london underground, tfl, retro, retro print, tube map, print, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

and not sure I’d want to be reminded of the tube this much in my own home, but made to order cushions and cubes are also available in a unique moquette (woven in Yorkshire) based on the Metropolitan line’s distinctive purple and navy, geometric design. – Alice

Cube and cushion in Moquette upholstery,metropolitan line, recycled,made to order, moquette,london underground,ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

The latest cooker hood design from Britannia looks like it’s just floated down from space – the sleek, curvacious style of the new Omaggio cooker hood has a modern stainless steel and black glass finish, teamed with inset LED spots. It might be a bit too modern for some kitchen designs, but if you’re planning your kitchen from scratch, it’s definitely a worthwhile consideration. britannia-glossy-room-set-p61

Added features include a quick release dishwasher-proof grease filter and alerts that tell you when to clean the grease filters and replace the charcoal filters. Alerts? Is it me or does it sound more and more like a Star Wars character?! omaggio-cooker-hood-1As open-plan kitchens become the norm in many homes, a cooker hood that looks good, but that’s also silent and efficiently extracts cooking fumes is a necessity. Although it doesn’t come cheap, at £1,399 for the 90cm width, the Omaggio promises to do all this. For more kitchen inspiration, click hereEmily



Fans of the iconic KitchenAid designs will be pleased to hear that there’s now a full set of countertop appliances available in the sophisticated new Pearl Metallic finish – we’ve just been exclusively told that the Artisan Food Processor, priced £269, is the final piece in the countertop set to be adorned in the new Pearl Metallic shade. The range also includes the Stand Mixer, the Power Blender, the Toaster, the Burr Grinder, the Espresso Maker and the Waffle Maker.


A stylish new countertop appliance, in a modern ‘pod’ design, is a perfect addition if you want to update the look and functionality of your kitchen. Take a look at more designs out for 2009 in our countertop appliance feature on the Ideal Home magazine website …- Emily