Credit Crunch lingo

March 31, 2009

The new Heals spring/summer brochure landed on my desk last week with the word ‘Chiconomics’ proudly splashed across it, while ‘Recessionista’ (a frugal fashion follower who scouts around for bargains to save money but still manages to dress fabulously) was word of the week recently on the Macmillan Dictionary website. If you want to be cool, you need to get down with the Credit Crunch kids, tap into the zeitgeist and learn the lingo.

picture-13Over the past few months, as economies have collapsed and banks have gone bust, new Credit-Crunch-related words have been popping up all over the media in TV programmes, press releases and newspapers. This new recession slang heralds the beginning of a global thrift trend; it’s no longer cool to spend big bucks – which is just as well, as most of us are feeling the pinch and counting our pennies.


Last month, American paper The Financial Post declared: ‘Ostentatious consumption – even for the well-off – is beginning to appear gauche’. So, it’s official – it’s cool to be frugal. I’m finally fashionable! This year, instead of complaining that I can’t afford to go abroad, and moaning about camping in Wales (again), I’ll be showing off at dinner parties (remember: staying in is the new going out) and telling everybody I’m taking an über-cool ‘Staycation’ in the UK instead – it’s all the rage for a Recessionista Frugalista like myself who’s embracing Chiconomics, darling. – Ellie

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