HOT SHOP: Vandalized Vintage

September 6, 2010

Trixie Delicious (possibly not her real name…) of Auckland, New Zealand, likes to ‘up-cycle’ vintage china in her own, very special way. If you like Lou Rota’s beetles and birds, or you’re a fan of RE’s macabRE plates which are plastered with skulls, scorpions and other spooky oddities, then the chances are, you’re going to like this. Note that ENVY is green and GLUTTONY is the biggest!

Trixie’s ‘naughty’ china (there’s a warning on her Etsy shop that some items might offend – you have been warned!) is cheeky and charming and never, EVER twee. Forget ‘LOVE’ and ‘PEACE’…here are some of her classics:

Imagine the bun fight at tea time as you argue about who gets to use which cake plate!

This one’s the perfect gift for that friend you have who thinks raiding a World of Warcraft dungeon counts as socialising.

Yum, yum, yum. These plates look fab arranged on a wall in holders. If I had to choose a favourite, I like the ‘Poison’ trio below. The words ‘Cyanide’, ‘Arsenic’ and ‘Belladonna’ clash so wonderfully with the pretty pink rose plates they’re splashed across! Just pray that your scones are safe to nibble…  – Ellie


August 17, 2010

I’ve been at the Edinburgh Festival for the past week, in sunny (no, really) Scotland. As well as seeing about a million amazing plays and comedy acts, I managed to find time to pop into a few shops, too. Thanks to my local guide, Zoe (from Conversation Pieces), I found Hannah Zakari – a lovely shop owned by jewellery-maker and all-round crafty-type, Rachael Lamb.

As well as selling her own lovely designs, Rachael stocks a mind-boggling array of home accessories and treats from other designers, including the likes of Lou Rota, Clare Nicolson and Eclectic Eccentricity. I had a lovely time browsing the shelves, but if you’re not in bonny Scotland, don’t despair – the Hannah Zakari website has even more to choose from. – Ellie

These cute retro ceramics from Netherlands-based Etsy seller Ninainvorm are topping the Ideal Home wish list today. Nina produces stunning hand-shaped screen-printed ceramics, screenprints and collages, as well as some vintage ‘redecorated’ ceramics – pretty china pieces that she applies her hand-made screenprints to.




Nina is now up there with Lou Rota and friends in my ‘cutest ceramics’ brigade. And how sweet is her ‘Dear Pear’ collage? It would be a lovely piece of wall art for a child’s bedroom.




Thinking about decals on vintage ceramics…I’ve just written a feature for Ideal Home about the amazing A4/A3 sized fabric papers available from Crafty Computer Paper. The sheets go through a normal inkjet printer so you can print any digital image you like on to fabric – just wait for the ink to dry before peeling the backing off, like a sticker, and you’re left with washable, printed fabric. I saw lovely vintage-style cushions from Rosie’s Armoire at the Country Living Fair a few months back, which were made with these sheets. ANYWAY, Crafty Computer Paper also sells decal paper, designed to transfer images easily to ceramics and candles etc, so I’ve ordered some and I’m going to have a bash at updating some vintage tea plates next weekend! – Ellie