Harrington and Squires

February 24, 2010

The new Notonthehighstreet catalogue has just arrived in the office and it’s packed full of lovely home accessories crafted by clever people. One of my favourite new buys is this fabulous set of shopping list magnets from letterpress lovelies, Harrington and Squires.

If you put them on the fridge, you can grab a reminder magnet as soon as you run out of something and start making a list. Love it. But yes, from these pics it looks as though these magnets are just for food, so if you run out of toilet paper, foil or anything else inedible, you’re going to have to make a note. Then again, unless you have a magnetic handbag/dog or a removable fridge door, you’re going to have to jot the whole lot down on paper anyway before you hit Tesco. I’d still like a set though. Surely this idea could be adapted for all sorts of lists. How about Nag Magnets? These don’t exist. Yet. I just made them up at lunchtime.

These would save me a small fortune in post-it notes! – Ellie

Push ma button

October 6, 2009

Buttons – useful little blighters. And not just for clothes – oh no. There’s a whole wide world of button CP (Crafting Potential) out there, just waiting to be discovered. Rejoice. Unless you’re koumpounophobic. (Word of the day. Possibly word of the year.)

button craftYou could super-glue them to magnets (available from Hobbycraft) and use them to fix notes and photos to the fridge…way more classy than plastic fruit/food magnets, and not as annoying as word/poetry magnets, which: A.) Tempt friends and family to write the rudest sentence they can muster with the given vocabulary. B.)Have a tendency to fall off and get lost in the fluffy depths of the sub-fridge region – and it’s usually the important words such as ‘AND’ that go astray. C.) Are a complete nightmare when you want to clean the fridge door/move house, and you spend half a day picking all the little words off the fridge, only to put them back on again. That way, insanity lies. ANYWAY…back to the buttons…

craft buttonsYou can use buttons to create your own gorgeous artwork. Download the designs here, then use glue to stick on a few buttons for cute-folky-kind-of-homemade-well-they-definitely-ARE-completely-homemade-if-anybody-asks prints.

crafty button fun2Finally, it’s been done before, but it’s always a winner – pick some pretty buttons and tie them to coloured ribbons to make napkin rings. Bitten by the button bug? Wanna buy buttons? Try Claire Grove, Knit and Sew, or The Button Queen. – Ellie