Meanwhile, on Watership Down hill, Fiver and his bunny buddies had escaped the vicious Owsla. But nothing could prepare them for the RUG…

Glaswegian design duo Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons (AKA Timorous Beasties) has teamed up with Brintons carpets to create a collection of stunning hand-tufted rugs, which will be on display at 146-148 Clerkenwell Road during London Design Festival. I’ve been a fan of the controversial Toile fabrics and wallpaper collection which features Glasgow, London, ‘urban images’ and, rather randomly, ‘pineapples’ for ages, so I’m thrilled to hear about this new collaboration from the “William Morris on acid” designers. I’ll pop along to the launch party later this month to find out more and report back. As well as their fabulous designs, I love the Burns-inspired company name, which is impossible to say without using a thick, Scottish accent. OCH AYE! – Ellie

Bonjour, blog-browsing buddies. Ever since I became obsessed with the Cow Parsley print (but black or yellow?! THAT is the question!) I’ve been a huge fan of Cole & Son – a great example of a British company that continues to push the boundaries every season to remain ahead of the game. This autumn/winter, you won’t be disappointed…check out this little preview of the new FRONTIER collection, due to be released this September:

Based around a theme of adventure and discovery, the designers drew inspiration from Verne’s Around the World in 80 Days. The collection consists of 12 new designs, based on archive patterns from the 18th, 19th and 20th century. I particularly like the elegant black and white bird design – what’s your favourite? – Ellie

I’ve been a fan of designer Emily Burningham‘s work for a long time, so I was excited to see her new fabric collection on her recently re-launched website.








It’s hard to choose a favourite, but I love the Berries design, which is inspired by a 1930s pattern and so cute I think it would be perfect for a tea-dress! If you’re based in or near London, there’s an exhibition of Emily Burningham‘s gorgeous fabrics, wrapping papers and greeting cards opening soon at  50 Albermarle Street, W1S 4BD. Entitled ‘Inspirational Designs’, the collection can be viewed by appointment from May 6 until June 30 – call 020 7493 4361 to book a slot. – Ellie




Yesterday I went to Le Manoir Aux Quat’ Saisons for the launch of chef Raymond Blanc’s new cookware collection, designed with Anolon.


The range, which is due to hit the shops in August, consists of new Anodized Clad cookware with a special sandwich-style construction (an aluminium core with a stainless steel interior and a hard anodized exterior) for excellent durability and cooking performance. Another highlight from the new ‘Raymond Blanc by Anolon’ collection is a cast iron range – elegant deep casserole pots and grill pans which, we were told by an Anolon rep, are ‘set to rival Le Creuset’.


Le Manoir Aux Quat' Saisons – Blanc's heavenly hotel in Oxfordshire

Raymond’s passion for his range was clear – he is certainly not just slapping his signature on a product. He described how he has been involved with the design process at every stage and even mentioned a few ‘minor alterations’ he wanted to make to a new knife collection they’re still working on.

Raymond revealed that he has several exciting projects in the pipeline – he’s about to start filming a new cookery TV show for the BBC, and he’s planning to open two ‘Maison Blanc’ hotel restaurants, one in Winchester and one in Henley. When asked about the future of food in the UK, Blanc was passionate.

‘We need to reconnect with home cooking,’ he said. ‘There are so many cookery shows on TV, but the British still cook very little as it’s seen as too much effort.’

‘I think the economic situation will mean that knowledge and ethics will drive our consumer decisions,’ he predicted. ‘Over the past few years we have been shallow about many things, including food. People cared about what it looked like, not where it came from or the ethics behind its production.’

He believes that over the next few years, quality and ethical values will become more and more important. ‘We will be making decisions about food based on environmental issues, and there will be more emphasis than ever before on farming and organic standards. This can only be a good thing,’ he concluded. – Ellie

New rugs from John Lewis

March 30, 2009

Check out these gorgeous rugs from the new John Lewis rugs collection.

Harlequin Eloni Rug, Pink, W170 x L240cm, £525

Harlequin Eloni Rug, Pink, W170 x L240cm, £525

Harlequin Inspire Rug, Black, H240 x W170cm, £595

Harlequin Inspire Rug, Black, H240 x W170cm, £595

Sanderson Etchings and Roses Rugs, Citron, W120 x L180cm, £318

Sanderson Etchings and Roses Rugs, Citron, W120 x L180cm, £318

 There are so many beautiful designs, it’s hard to choose a favourite, but the yellow Sanderson Etchings and Roses one would look fabulous in my living room! – Ellie