Heavenly home offices

July 8, 2009

I just got back from the launch party of Very, a new online fashion and homes store, replacing the old Littlewoods Direct site. There were some cool new interior pieces on show and, because I’m redecorating our home office at the moment, a gorgeous perspex office chair for £79 caught my eye. It’s not available until September, sadly, so I’ll have to wait. But in the mean time…here are three beautiful offices from House to Home for us all to aspire to!


Mmmm, love the Ercol chair here, and the wirework waste paper basket…and basically this whole look!

Picture 1

Oh, how lovely it would be to have a craft room like this. And I love the vintage map propped up on the desk below, too. 

Picture 2

Thank goodness the days of having to find space for a massive clunky PC are over – flick through homes magazines from the 1990s and every issue has some kind of under-stairs or hidden-in-a-cupboard space-gobbling computer corner monstrosity. Now, with tiny laptops and wonderful WiFi, a home office can just be a small corner of kitchen work top, a coffee table or a compact desk, and laptops are better looking than ever before, so there’s no need to hide them away. Phew! – Ellie