Flicking through the Seletti catalogue is always inspiring. Highlights in the current collection include giant Lego brick furniture blocks, some fabulous wooden cutlery, and gorgeous Pantone tins:

As the youf of today (apparently) say, ‘O to the M to the G’. (I can’t believe I just typed that, even in an ironic way). ANYWAY, these stunning tins are available from The Holding Company, £17 each, and look fabulous here in a craft room.

The Holding Company also stocks the cool Pantone chairs, which I’ve had my eye on for a while:

I was pleased to learn today that the dashing young Yorkshire designer, John Green (who I met at 100% Design in September and flagged up as ‘one to watch’) is about to have his fabulous Pantone ‘wall stores’ manufactured and distributed by Seletti, so we can all get hold of them, which is good news for Pantone geeks such as myself!

On a similar theme, our art department has a beautiful book of Pantone stickers, which I thought might have great Crafting Potential until I realised that to buy one costs literally HUNDREDS. So, I just flick through it every now and again and lick the pages, instead.

And until John Green‘s Wall Stores are released, I’ll just have to gaze at my little Pantone mug (House of Fraser) to get my colour fix. – Ellie