NEW Farrow & Ball colours

January 14, 2011

Check out the nine new colours Farrow & Ball is introducing for 2011…

Sadly, due to my limited scanning skills and the weird thing that happens to colours on web browsers, you’ll have to wait to see the new paint charts to really appreciate these shades in all their glory. Until then, here’s a quick run down…

1: CHARLOTTE’S LOCKS (no.268) – a fiery 1950s-inspired orange. Whoever Charlotte is, she must have some pretty special hair!

2: CABBAGE WHITE (no.269) – A clean white with a hint of light blue, inspired by the Cabbage White butterfly. Very pretty.

3: CALLUNA (no.270) – Named after the Scottish heather, this is a pale lilac but contains quite a lot of black pigment which keeps it on the right side of sugary and gives it a gorgeous vintage look.

4: BRASSICA (no.271) – A darker purple-grey, named after the Brassica family of vegetables which often have purple leaves. Looks good with Calluna.

5: DOVE TALE (no.267) – Elegant, light and grey. What’s not to love? Kind of stony. Kind of minky. Hmm. Perhaps I need to look at these swatches in daylight, not the yellow glow of the Blue Fin Building…

6: OXFORD STONE (no.264) – A warm, honey colour that reminds me of the Cotswolds and would look delicious with Tallow.

7: PLUMMETT (no.272) – Named after the lead weight used to sink a fishing line, this looks bluer in the image above than it does in reality. It’s a dark grey, which is crying out to have some photo frames painted in Charlotte’s Locks hung on it!

8: MIZZLE (no.266) – The best name yet; Mizzle is a west country term for that very British combination of mist and drizzle. Try saying it in a Worzel Gummidge accent and it becomes even more pleasing. A gorgeous pale greeny-grey. Perfect for Gustavian interiors.

9: MANOR HOUSE GRAY (no.265) – An 18th Century grey that gets me VERY excited. Not as pale as Lamp Room Gray, but not as dark as the classic Down Pipe, this grey sits nicely in the middle. I can feel a feature wall coming on already…

The new brochure to accompany these paints has got me in a tizz, too. What is it about keys? I can’t get enough of them. And now I want to paint them, too…

Perhaps this is a deep-rooted obsession that stems from never having Clarks Magic Steps school shoes as a child.

As if the National Trust Fired Earth paints advert wasn’t enough to get me frantically dipping cutlery into pots of eggshell, check out the pretty painted spoon above. Sigh. (I know we’ve all seen it before, but let’s just remind ourselves of how nice that National Trust paints shot really is, shall we? Ah, me…)

Anyway, while I nip off to Tango my forks in a tin of Charlotte’s Locks, have a peep at the rest of these beautiful images from Farrow & Ball

What a nice way to end the week.  – Ellie