Emma Bridgewater‘s famous black and white Toast design is now less black and white, and a bit more blue and green. Observe:

Isn’t it pretty? And a bit more relaxed than Emma’s smart monochrome Toast designs. Check out the fun new tea towels on the Emma Bridgewater website designed by Emma’s mother-in-law, Pat Albeck. (Make sure you read the ‘about me’ section on Pat’s website for a fascinating history of design in Britain from the 1950s onwards and some fantastic family photos!)

What else is cookin’ at Emma Bridgewater HQ? Well, the vintage Blue Hen design has been re-introduced for Easter 2010, and the children’s mugs are looking cuter than ever. My favourite’s still the Birds range, though! – Ellie

Blue and white Cornishware was first produced by T.G Green & Co in the 1920s. It was a best-seller for decades, but the factory was sadly forced into administration in 2007. Supplies dried up and Cornishware became highly sought after, with items commanding absurd prices on eBay. Thankfully, I managed to blag a vintage UTENSILS Cornishware pot at a car boot sale for 50p. Whoop whoop – but alas, such finds were rare.


It all looked very bleak, until in 2008, entrepreneur Charles Rickards and brand consultant Perry Haydn Taylor bravely took on the failing firm. They re-launched the classic Cornishware in April this year, much to the relief of fans, and I’ve just found out that as well as the classic blue and white designs we all know and love, there are some pretty pastel colours on the horizon…



For the first time ever, Cornishware is going multi-coloured – there are pretty ‘ice cream’ pastel pieces, and sleek urban ones in a more masculine colour palette, too.


These gorgeous new ranges will be out in the autumn, in time for Christmas. – Ellie


If you’re a fan of ceramics and country style, check out these pretty new pics from pottery guru Emma Bridgewater. All these lovely products will be available on her website soon.

Beakers, £3.50 - Emma Bridgewater (lifestyle shot)

Cutlery, from £4.95 for 10 - Emma Bridgewater

Happiness Half Pint Mug, £15.95 - Emma Bridgewater

Beakers, £3.50, and Polka Dot 1.5 Pint Jug, £29.95 - Emma Bridgewater

Having spent a few minutes day-dreaming about the Welsh dresser I will one day own, and which will, of course, be filled with gorgeous Emma B pottery, I’m off to sharpen all my coloured pencils and style them in a cute beaker. There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes…– Ellie

I’ve just spotted this pretty new range from Emma Bridgewater. It’s called Wiveton Veg, and features cups, bowls, plates and a teapot with a cheery asparagus and artichoke pattern. I really like it, but my favourite Emma Bridgewater pattern is still the Polka Dot range. Ellie