Rob Ryan’s Christmas

July 8, 2010

At the John Lewis Christmas press show yesterday, I bumped into (literally!) the bearded romantic paper-cutter hero, AKA Mister Rob Ryan. For some reason, I came over all star-struck and giggly – and waffled on for an eternity about how ‘wonderful’ his work is, how I admire him, how I’d love to see his scissors (I really said that) and how I would also like to plait his beard and lick his shoes (I didn’t really say that bit. I hope…)

ANYWAY He was there to launch a brand new high street collection of accessories, so I whipped out the trusty iPhone and took a few snaps. But sadly, they weren’t exactly top quality pics. As you can see.

Still, I’ve whacked them up nonetheless – feel free to ignore and focus instead on the gorgeous high-res pics the lovely PRs at Grylls and Reade gave me:

Check out the vase! The flask! The notebooks! The mugs! It’s all too much. How cool would it look if you shot the vase with a girl and boy filling it with flowers and recreated the image ON the vase? Or perhaps too much caffeine again. Hmmm. – Ellie

A free London mag has a particularly fabulous cover today, designed by paper-cutting romantic chappy, ‘Mister’ Rob Ryan. If you’re in the south east, grab a copy, cut off the cover and frame it for some instant wall art! – Ellie

THREE stunning e-cards

December 23, 2009

In theory, I’m a bit against e-cards. I know they’re eco-friendly, convenient and cheap…but there’s something so lovely about receiving a paper card in the post and putting it on display. I’ve been won over by some fabulous e-cards in the past few days though…here are three of the best:

The first one’s from Marie Nichols, who left Ideal Home to emigrate to Australia in September. Such a lovely shot, and I’m all about the red and white butcher’s string. (More on that later…!)

This second stylish e-card is from Freshwater PR, and it’s making me want to paint the top of my dining table with blackboard paint! I still can’t decide whether to do this…I go through phases of thinking I should, and phases of thinking it would be a mistake. Would I regret it? It might ruin the table. But then again, it’s not an antique or anything (!) and I love the idea of drawing placemats, plates, cutlery, names, messages etc straight on to the surface. Hmm.

The last lovely e-card is from paper-cutting cheese-meister, the romantic ‘Mister’ Rob Ryan. Now, despite the fact that Rob has kindly emailed me the code to embed (?!) I am having technological ISSUES, as per, so you’ll have to click here to watch the animation, I’m afraid. One, two, three, ‘aaaaaah.’ – Ellie

ONE: Paper-cutting artist Rob Ryan has transformed his Ryantown shop into ‘Ryantoon’, in honour of Newcastle FC. All the products are black and white, and he’s banned colour completely until 15th November. I’m heading over to the Columbia Road area this weekend, so I’ll check it out and report back on Monday!


TWO: Muji is releasing a new collection of very funky silicone trays – perfect for ice cubes, or making chocolates, or soaps…

muji ice cube traysmuji trays 2I love the idea of serving cold drinks with ice spoons, or a mug of hot chocolate with a solid chocolate spoon on the saucer ready for dunking and stirring – and how cool are the letter moulds for chocolate cake decorations? These silicone moulds are due to hit stores in late November, and will cost from £7.50 each.

tea towels2THREE: Just when you thought there were enough arty tea towels in the world – check out these lovely African-inspired designs at Design My World. They remind me a bit of the funky Anorak patterns, or the new Linea House of Fraser range – animal shapes are all the rage at the moment.

teatowelsI’ve just been sent an exciting book which I plan to read this weekend and share with you all next week…but for now, it’s back to reality with a thud sadly. The dishwasher drawer feature beckons…! Have a lovely weekend x  – Ellie

These funky maps of London and Paris from Bodie and Fou are prints of paper-cuts by Famille Summerbelle. They’re £45 each.


Following on from yesterday’s post about maps, I thought these were perfect for today! I’ve got my eye on the London one! – Ellie


Rob Ryan papercuts, Penguin Classics and British Design icons…read on for three fabulously cheap and effective wall art ideas!

penguin_tt_room copy

1: Frame a classic – Buy a retro tea towel such as this Penguin Classics one (£8.95, Bloomsbury Store), then frame it in a simple IKEA Ribba frame (£7.43) for a stylish piece of artwork.

rob ryan

2: Make a designer canvas – This gorgeous Rob Ryan skirt comes in kit form from Clothkits and costs just £36. Instead of making the skirt, buy an inexpensive blank canvas (see Hobbycraft), stretch the printed fabric over it and use a staple gun to fix it at the rear. Rob Ryan’s gorgeous papercuts and screenprints cost hundreds of pounds, so you’ll have the look for less!


3: Display stylish stamps – Order a set of the stunning British Design Classics stamps for £3.90 from Royal Mail. Frame them in a cheap frame (Dunelm Mill has a good selection) and prop it up on your mantelpiece for instant designer style. – Ellie