FYI: size matters

January 13, 2010

Playing with scale is BIG right now. Ha ha. It all kicked off with the GIANT Anglepoise floor lamp – you know the one – and now, with the imminent release of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland film this April, it seems lots of designers have been nibbling the scale ‘shrooms and super-sizing stuff…

This isn’t just a designer thing. Oh, no. Head to the high street and pop into M&S later this spring and you’ll find a gigantic pair of wooden scissors (the ultimate Arrietty prop for a Borrowers-themed party?) which would look VERY cool leaning on a mantelpiece and they’re pleasingly Make-Do-and-Mend-ish, too. Habitat has huge button storage pots for this summer, and you can even get a giant pencil sharpener pen pot from John Lewis and a BIG Biro lid from Utility Design:

Plus, there are going to be HUGE floor lamps pretty much everywhere this year, copying the Anglepoise classic. Check out our April issue for a feature on these lamps! (PS – I like the idea of putting dolls house furniture under a glass bell jar!! Surprise, surprise…) – Ellie