It’s not everyday you can walk into a shop and come out with a vintage jelly mould reinvented as a pendant lamp, a Mexican bingo set, moose shaped firelighters and a deckchair. But if you’re lucky enough to live near the market town, Corbridge in Northumberland, you can! (For those that don’t, you can of course buy online, phew!), Simon Young and Jenny Vaughan’s converted workshop (round the back of an old filling station) is a treasure trove of totally unique finds for the home. They named their shop RE after two giant metal red letters they bought in a Parisian flea market…

People, step inside and feast your eyes on these wonderful buys..

I would very much like these jolly, jelly mould pendant lamps. How lovely to hang a row of these above a kitchen table…

Vintage jelly mould pendant lamps, Re, jelly moulds, vintage, lighting, interiors, unique lighting, recycled, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Planning fodder for your Jubilee street party yet? Make sure you get yourself a set of these British Isles cookie cutters..

British Isles biscuit cutters, Re, cooking, bakeware, interiors, baking, british memorabilia, interiors, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Keep your teapot cosy with this cute pom-pom number, hand knitted in Northumberland..

Tea cosy, RE, knitted, artisan, homespun, interiors, kitchen ware, tea pot, tea, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

This red, white and blue twine will come in handy for any Jubilee/Olympic crafty projects…

Red, white and blue cotton string, RE, The Queen's Jubilee, craft, twine, interiors, DIY, homespun, ideal home, homeshoppingpspy, alice humphrys

Elsewhere there are gorgeous linen cushions, inspired by American flour sacks…

Sack cushions, vintage flour packaging, vintage, rustic, sack cloth, cushions, soft furnishings, sack cloth cushions, RE, Ideal Home, homeshoppingspy, Alice Humphrys

original 50’s and 60’s mixing bowls in pretty on-trend pastel shades..

Vintage mixing bowls, RE, kitchenware, vintage, 50's, 60's, retro, kitchenalia, interiors, baking, ideal home, homeshoppingpsy, RE, re-found objects, alice humphrys

and this ‘waste not want not’ fabric is sold off the roll, for £16 a metre. It’s 44cm wide perfect for a table runner. GREAT idea..

Table runner, RE, waste not want not, linen, kitchen linen, table linen, Ideal Home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Thank goodness it’s March! Spring had sprung and I’ve just bought 4 bunches of daffodils for £1 in my lunch break – hurrah! They’re currently bunged in a vase and just about surviving in our air conditioned office but what I’d really like to display them in is this…

Test tube holder, RE, vase, flower display, single blooms, Spring flowers, floral display, flowers, ideal home, RE, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

A test tube for each single stem. Ah Joy! Thank you RE. Delightful finds and next time I’m even vaguely heading oop north I’m going to take a detour and pop by. – Alice

In the red

November 3, 2010

I hear there’s a chilli winter ahead. Boom boom…

If you were sensible enough to get your mitts on a copy of our October issue a few weeks back, you’ll have already seen these lovely images. If not – here’s a little taster of the kind of fabulous decorating schemes you’re missing out on every month! The wallpaper in this retro-tastic dining room is Dandelion Mobile, £55 per roll from MissPrint. The table and bench are from John Lewis.

RED ROOM RED ROOM RED ROOM… (I recently watched The Shining. It hasn’t disturbed me at all.) I love this scheme. Dark grey and red. Yum, yum yum. The grey paint here is Clouded Slate by Dulux, the curtain fabric is Connections in Chilli, from John Lewis. The EDIBLE ‘Revival’ coffee table is also John Lewis.

I love this Lego paintable wallpaper, just £6.98 per roll from B&Q‘s Superfresco range. The bulldog lamp is from Ben De Lisi at Debenhams (who else?!). The rug and bedside table are both M&S and the bed linen is Bed By Conran’s Domino range at House of Fraser.

Swing back to the Seventies with Harlequin‘s Lagoon wallpaper, a Retro Blocks rug from Next and a hanging chair from The Cow Shed. The wall storage boxes are just £25 for three from Tesco Direct. What a bargain! – Ellie

Caravan cool

February 10, 2010

Oh, if only I had a 1950s caravan to play house in and decorate in a crazy, retro way…

Our lovely Book of the Week is My Cool Caravan (£14.99, Pavilion), and it’s packed full of inspiring interiors. This first one makes me want to sew some Cath Kidston bunting, fill a vintage thermos flask with tea and take to the road for an adventure!

I love the moody Ralph Lauren floral wallpaper and the pretty Cole & Son Hummingbird paper in this next caravan (which used to belong to Pearl Lowe apparently)…

Note the glamorous crystal light fitting in this interior – just because a room’s on wheels doesn’t mean it can’t ooze decadence!

This next caravan has an American country diner feel about it. NICE Coca Cola chairs…

…wooden panelling and checked curtains? yes, ma’am…

…and this retro Mike’s ‘drive in’ hot dogs sign is a thing of beauty:

The last caravan we’re going to take a peep at belongs to Shoreditch stylist extra-ordinaire, Emily Chalmers, who owns the appropriately-named shop, erm, Caravan

Now, here’s the thing. Her ‘caravan’ is actually a vintage French undertaker’s van! (Hearse Chic? Stop it.) But she’s made it look very pretty all the same…here are some more cute pics of it (borrowed from Casa Sugar):

To see all these gorgeous interiors and many more, place your orders now – My Cool Caravan is out later this month. – Ellie

Pimp my crib

January 18, 2010

Nursery walls needn’t be covered with tacky teddies – a baby’s bedroom can be just as stylish as the rest of your home. Check out these gorgeous schemes for cool kiddies…

We love this funky Penguin Classics themed nursery, belonging to Ideal Home‘s Interior’s Editor, Heather Young. Grey walls, white painted floorboards and vintage accessories combine to create a stunning scheme that’s child-friendly but visually fabulous. The wall art looks designer, but Heather made it all herself by stretching Penguin tea towels (available from John Lewis) onto inexpensive artist canvases. She cut tea towels into three to sew co-ordinating cushions, and framed vintage Penguin books for the finishing touch. Cheap and chic!

I also like this House to Home all-white bedroom, where the colourful toys, books and clutter are turned into a fantastic feature wall display. Check out the cool cots, too:

The Laura Ashley sea-gull wallpaper in this blue boy’s nursery gives the room a soft, dreamy, nautical feel:

A restful white scheme can be brightened up with cute wall stickers and an eye-catching Union Jack flag rug. Style statement!

I love the pretty fabric-lined glass-fronted drawers, the stylish letters, and the amazing Eames-style rocker chair in this lovely room:

It just goes to show that nurseries can be nice. And you could easily adapt all the schemes shown here as your child grows older, so there’ll be less decorating to do in the future than if you plaster the walls with fairies, teddies etc now, which will (one day!) be considered ‘babyish’ by your little ones! – Ellie

NEW tasty tomato from HEALS

January 14, 2010

Not much time for blogging today, folks – so I’m just going to give you a little taster of the new Heals spring/summer collection. Tomato and tangerine should never be seen…or should they?

OK, gotta dash but, very quickly…things to note: lots and lots of rich tomato red – LOVE it. Elegant shapes. Polished concrete = amazing. Orange + red – weirdly this nightmare combo works well here! Sanderson dandelion clocks wallpaper in orange and charcoal = mmm tasty. Dark grey wall and skirting boards = ditto. Red Anglepoise lamp, I need you in my life. Over and out, chaps! – Ellie

The bell jar obsession

November 25, 2009

There’s an atmosphere of slight hysteria in the office today. It might have something to do with the arrival of a scratch ‘n’ sniff Yankee Candle press release (low-lights include  ‘Strawberry Buttercream’ and ‘Tutti-Frutti’…), or perhaps it’s the news that two of the most lovely home brands, Farrow & Ball and Jo Malone, are teaming up to launch an exciting new collection next week? (We’ll keep you posted!) Then again, perhaps it’s the thought of today’s annual Cath Kidston sample sale that’s getting us all a bit over-excited. For me though, it’s bell jars that are floating my boat today…

Whether it’s ogling the gorgeous bell jar displays in London’s hippest Shoreditch shops, Comfort Station and Caravan, or staring longingly at the stunning pages of Australian stylist Sibella Court’s new book Etcetera (which has just landed on my desk. Hurrah, hurrah! Hopefully we’ll show some pics on here soon – it’s due out in April in the UK. For now, check out her shop The Society Inc for a flavour or click here for a preview…), I seem to be surrounded by glass domes filled with curious objets…and I’m hooked! This all ties in with the current vogue for dark romanticism, macabre Victoriana drama and dusty museum display cases – something we’ve discussed before. All very Darwin. All very Gothic. All very dead. Of course, you don’t have to fill your bell jar with beady-eyed taxidermy or creepy skeletons…dried hydrangeas, vintage silk ballet pumps and mercury glass candlesticks would all look lovely. Or you could always opt for a little china bird. For reasonably-priced bell jars, see yesterday’s hot shop, Dee Puddy (£22 for a large 30cm one), Hibbitt, or Crocus. If you can wait until springtime, we spotted a fab little glass bell jar in the new Sainsbury’s spring/summer 2010 collection for just £7.99! Bargainous, to be sure. Of course, garden cloche bell jars DO look a bit like boobs, and they don’t come with bases – but a glass cake plate does the trick. Vintage lab bell jars with bases are REALLY expensive, even on eBay, tragically.

Here’s a cute bell jar pic from The Guardian to add yet more fuel to my bell-jar-obsession fire! I really can’t stop thinking about bell jars. Perhaps I’m actually losing the plot. Or maybe I’m just high on ‘Tutti Frutti’ scratch ‘n’ sniff…– Ellie

Well knock me down with a feather! This amazing cuckoo clock looks like a stylish and expensive designer item, but the good news is, it’s not. In fact, it’s from the spring/summer 2010 collection at…wait for it…drum roll…TESCO!

tesco cuckoo clockThat’s right, folks. Supermarket-chic is moving in to a whole new realm of excitement next season…great news if you’re a ‘style on a shoestring’ kinda gal like me! We’ve been sessioning the spring/summer press shows this week, and there are lots of exciting things on the horizon, but I just had to share this sneaky peek with you today! It’s due to hit Tesco Direct in March, for just £45. – Ellie