It’s been a crazy day here at Ideal Home HQ as I tie things up before a two week holiday. I’ve had to set myself hourly deadlines, limit chat with colleagues and keep a steady supply of drinking water to hand. Before I go and enjoy sunnier climes on the Adriatic sea, I wanted to leave you with some very happy ceramics that I came across today from Pedlars.

I love these colour dipped plates! They’re so bright and sunny. They would look great hung on the wall or make meal times even more yummy! This is an exclusive collection for Pedlars designed by graphic designer, Gail Bryson and manufactured in Portugal where all the best ceramics seems to come from.

I think they’re pretty reasonably priced, starting from £19.95 for a set of four mugs. You will have to wait though as they’re not available from Pedlars until September. Right folks, I’m going to attempt to leave the office now. The air con is shutting down and making a right racket! I will be back blogging in two weeks, hopefully with a tan and a sunnier disposition after a good dose of vitamin D.  – Alice (notice how I’ve said ‘sunny’ 3 times in this post. I think I need some…)

Millions of people will be embracing all things Jubilee this weekend. B&Q have reported sales of 100,000 metres of union jack bunting and 3,100 gnomes (who buys those!?). 10,000 streets will be closed for celebrations and I’m gonna bake a Victoria sponge, eat it and wash it down with a jug of Pimms. Hurrah! For months leading up to this weekend we homes journos have been bombarded with patriotic memorabilia and homeware that’s not gonna be available for much longer, so buy it now! (Or wait til Tuesday when it’ll all be reduced). There’s a lot of tat out there but also some rather nice things that I felt worthy of a blog post. Here’s my pick of some of the best jooby booty. Have a jolly weekend! – Alice

Jubilee, Queen's Diamond Jubilee, homeware, patriotic, street party, bunting, The Queen, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys, B&Q, Sainsburys, Pedlars

1. Assorted vintage London postcards, £10.95, Rigby & Mac. 2. Queen’s Guard corkscrew, £45, Alessi. 3. Corgi apron, £22.50, Thornback & Peel. 4. God Save The Queen print, £210 (!), Pedlars. 5. British Jubilee ribbon, £4.99, Jane Means. 6. God Save The Queen shopper, £3, Cancer Research. 7. Union Jack wellies, £36.95, Joules. 8. Honeycomb tissue balls, £3.50, Papermash. 9. Queen egg cosy, £14.50, Poppy Treffry. 10. Press out London taxi, £4.50, Muji. 11. Jubilee teatowel, £12.50, Victoria Eggs. 12. Teapot, £12, Sainsburys. 13. London bus plant pot, £9.99, British Heart Foundation. 14. Trooping the colour tray, £20, Unique & Unity. 15.  Jubilee red & blue paper bags, £4 a pack, Not On The High street. 16. You Rule wrapping paper, £7.95, Nancy & Betty Studio. 17. Solar powered Queen and Corgi, £14.95, Pedlars. 18. Lizzie Allen directors chair, £89, Habitat. 19. Red striped straws, £3, Pearl & Earl. 20. Colour your own Jubilee bunting, £5.50, Art & Mable

Sorry it’s been a week since my last post. I’ve been busy gallivanting around the country shooting lovely reader homes for Ideal Home’s September issue. A little something to share with you though this fine Friday is House of Rym’s chinaware, available from Couverture soon. House of Rym founders are a Tunisian and Swedish duo who worked with Swedish designers Anna Backlund and Elisabeth Dunker to create this beautiful range of porcelain that I simply LOVE…

House of Rym, Couverture, porcelain, china, tableware, dining, Scandinavian design, collection, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

It’s delicate with clean lines yet whimsical with a natural woodland feel…

House of Rym, Couverture, porcelain, china, tableware, dining, Scandinavian design, collection, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Mmmm, don’t you just love the monochrome pattern on this teapot!? Feel’s a little Marimekko-esque crossed with Lisa Stickley

House of Rym, Couverture, porcelain, china, tableware, dining, Scandinavian design, collection, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

The blue and white lattice style pattern on the cup below reminds me of a modern take on Royal Copenhagen’s blue fluted design…

House of Rym, Couverture, porcelain, china, tableware, dining, Scandinavian design, collection, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Teapot, £59; cup, £12; saucer, £12; milk jug, £29.

Yet again, scrummy Scandi design at it’s best! Another something for the wish list. Keep an eye on the Couverture website come June. – Alice

If only my house had the same look as the lovely new online lifestyle shop Rowen & Wren. Everything is wonderfully co-ordinated, beautifully styled and quite frankly all items are (annoyingly) utterly LOVELY. Obviously, there is an awful lot I ‘need’ to make my life more complete. So, in sharing with you a selection of their wares I found the editing process a tricky task in itself, as it’s all so darn delightful, but here are a few of my favourites from their new Spring collection…

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, bird cushion, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

I love this sunny hand printed bird cushion and the rustic glass houses below with handsome leather straps would be perfect for the alfalfa sprouts I’m encouraging to germinate on my kitchen window sill!

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, glasshouse, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, tea pot, napkin, storage jars, coasters, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

I love the denim blues mixed with natural textures, the Swedish teapot with wooden saucer and the tactile earthenware jars/bowls with wooden lids/plates are such a good design, if not a little pricey (£108 each!). Eeeek, wouldn’t want to drop one of those.

Elsewhere, there are cosy Welsh blankets and note the sweet little Trook Hooks (made from wood wastage), now they’re only £9 each!

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, glasshouse, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, notebooks, artisan, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

I’m a big fan of metal trunks and love this bottle green colour that I’ve not seen anywhere else…

Rowan and Wren, homeware, interiors, decor, metal suitcase, Spring collection, online, ideal home, homeshoppingspy, alice humphrys

They have a really good range of furniture and lighting too.  Their collection is split into three different looks depending on your style. Happy browsing folks. Let me know what catches your eye and tempts you to buy. Have a sunny weekend and don’t forget the clocks go forward on Sunday. British Summertime here we come! – Alice

Oooh don’t you just love a good car boot sale? My local in Chiswick is always a treat and one of the best in the South East, they say! It’s always full of mid-century buys but it’s only on once a month. To get my fix the rest of the time, I also enjoy a browse online and there are two sites where I can easily while away the hours. First up is Winter’s Moon. Founder, Julia, has a background in textiles and loves colour and pattern. She has a beady eye for second-hand pieces and has also designed her own furniture and textiles range. She styles and photographs everything in her warehouse in Chichester, and very nicely too…

Winter's Moon, vintage, second-hand, car boot sale, online, mid-century, kitchenalia, furniture, kid's furniture

The collection is constantly changing but you’re always likely to find a mix of vintage, recycled and handmade. I love the quirky statement chairs, 50’s kitchenalia and lamp shades made from retro fabrics. I’ve got my eye on her yellow, bespoke formica-top table.

Another dreamy site is The OK Corral. Brainchild of the arty Joy Joliffe and partner (who also run the fabulous Random Retail – scrummy screen printed textiles). Both jumble sale fanatics, they decided to set up an online shop when they ran out of space for all their wondrous finds…

The OK Corral, vintage, joy joliffe, interiors, car boot sales, jumble sales, retro, kitchenalia, alice humphrys, ideal home, homeshoppingspy

They only stock the very best and their turnover of product is speedy, so keep dropping by. You will also find jelly moulds, enamelware, postcards and toast racks. Their prices are very competitive too with most items under a tenner! How old school is that red picnic tray with foldaway legs!? I’m hankering after the sunny yellow flask, perfect for a brew of Lady Grey…on a summer’s day. – Alice

Ah, Beryl. What a name. Perfect for an iconic British tableware range. Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ china has become a designer classic. Mostly green (are we calling it mint?), it still fills dusty kitchen cupboards in village halls, Scout huts and churches up and down the country. It’s become a symbol of 1940s, utilitarian, chic. I once bought a whole set of Beryl Wood’s Ware in the rarer primrose yellow colour (officially, it’s called ‘Jasmine’ I think) for next to nothing at a car boot. It reminds me of having tea with my grandparents…

Lovely photos here from vintage shop, Patchwork Harmony

…anyway, this is all very lovely, but what’s the actual POINT?! The point IS, Paperchase has just released it’s AW11 collection and I was chuffed to see some rather splendid Wood’s Ware cake stands and clocks, made from ‘upcycled’ Beryl plates. How very exciting. The clocks are made from tea cups and plates, and I spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring them at the press show. They’re going to start at around £35 and will be in store around September time. Of course, I would never suggest that you learn how to safely drill a hole in a vintage plate, buy some clock hands cheaply from HobbyCraft or Clas Ohlson, then make your own for £3. That would be very cheeky indeed. – Ellie

Debenhams has all the cool kids these days – Henry Holland (tartan, tight trousers, Jedward hair – you know the one) is the latest fashion designer to join the Designers at Debenhams stable, and now Lisa Stickley and Matthew Williamson have signed up too. We brought you news about Lisa’s Debenhams range a while back, but until now the images of the new products were somewhat ‘limited’. So, let’s have a proper look…

This collection is called ‘Buttercup’ and features cute storage tins and a ceramic storage ‘house jar’ – the mind boggles! To give you some idea of pricing, the egg cups will be £3.50 each, a big cake tin will cost £12, and plates start at £5 each, so it’s all very reasonable. When I meet with Lisa to chat about the range, she tells me she had a lot of fun collaborating with the Debenhams team. “Normally, when I design, it’s just me, the wall and Radio Four!” she says, “So it was nice to work with a team and be a bit more sociable.” Her style is fast becoming ultra-popular with the Japanese (she now has a Japanese mailorder website) and she tells me she was amused to be asked to autograph Lisa Stickley handbags with permanent marker on a recent trip to Tokyo. “It was crazy!” she laughs. “People were coming up to me in the street – it felt really weird.” But she’ll have to get used to fame, and fast – her face will soon be plastered all over Debenhams stores up and down the country. Lisa doesn’t seem to have a spare moment to absorb this fact…she’s just finished her first book and is currently dashing around London viewing shops to find the right place to set up her new flagship store. “The book took me four months. I wrote it all myself, sewed every project, and did all of the illustrations so it was a real slog,” she confides, ” – but really exciting to see the final result. And the fresh print smells SO good,” she says, sniffing a page hungrily, then generously offering it to me. I sniff politely, and agree. Lisa has just gone up in my estimation – it’s always nice to meet a fellow book-sniffer. (Tap into the Zeitgeist, see our review of her book: Made at Home).

Lisa’s new ‘Myrtle’ and ‘Posie’ bed linen designs for Debenhams are really cute – and I especially like the ‘Text’ bedspread and cushions – covered in little whimsical words in true Lisa style: FRENCH BED, FUTON BED, SLEEPING BAG, BREAKFAST IN BED, BED SOCKS. Prices start at £20 for a pair of pillowcases, in case you’re wondering. During our chat, Lisa told me all about her own home and excitedly described the recent renovations her flat (above her Clapham shop) has undergone: “I’ve got these two lovely 1960s armchairs, which I inherited ages ago, and they’ve been upholstered in my fabrics, so I’m really pleased with those,” she says. “And I love my new kitchen. Especially my amazing black Baumatic retro fridge!” Lisa’s top tip is to  EDIT your belongings. “I gave a lot of stuff away to the charity shop and had a real clear out – and it makes such a difference.” 

This is the ‘Posie’ tea collection, complete with butter dish (£16) and a fabulous glass cupcake stand (£30). I like the shape of the tea pot and the 50s-style floral design. Before I leave, (the Debenhams party was in full swing and Four Poofs and a Piano had started to compete with us noise-wise), I ask Lisa where her new shop might be? “Well, I’m looking at Portobello Road and that area…” she reveals, “…but I also love Spitalfields, so we’ll have to wait and see.” Lisa smiles and I sense her ambition and energy. It’s such an exciting period for her, and she’s timed things perfectly; just when everything vintage, eclectic, and quirky is BIG, she hits the high street. Clever girl. These new products won’t be out until the early autumn, so you’ll have to wait to get your hands on those egg cups. In the meantime, dear readers, you’ll just have to visit her shop on Landor Road in Clapham, or pop along to her website to get the Lisa look. What do you think of this new collection? Let us know by commenting below. Have a lovely weekend 🙂 – Ellie