Ode to cutlery

February 1, 2010

Oh, I do love a Welbeck cutlery tile. Or two. Or four…

Obviously, they’d look fabulous on kitchen walls, or you could just buy a pair (£22), glue felt to their bases and use them as statement coasters.

Check out the ultra-chic new Pied a Terre (yes, the shoe people) Home collection at House of Fraser this spring for stunning black and gold cutlery. It’s SO glamorous – imagine the black cutlery on a crisp white tablecloth with black napkins, Jo Malone candles and elegant white roses – WHAT a look for a decadent dinner party! In reality, my guests have to endure a manky old polka dot oilcloth but HEY. We can dream.

I’m a huge fan of vintage cutlery…no, you can’t put it in the dishwasher. But you can buy it for next to nothing at car boot sales and it looks so lovely:

I’ve admired Tracey Kendall’s cutlery wallpaper for a while now. Let’s treat ourselves to a little peak. Sadly it’s £95, chaps. SIGH.

If you like cutlery, you’ll love these Victorian cutlery catalogue greeting cards from Baileys – they’re nice enough to frame!

And while we’re obsessing about Welbeck tiles…check out the amazing postcard tiles, the vintage household range – and have you seen the gorgeous jelly tiles they do?

I’ve got a bit of a thing for jelly at the moment (!) which started with Thornback and Peel napkins…

From top left, working clockwise: Thornback and Peel jelly napkin; RE jelly mould light fitting; RE rabbit jelly moulds; and my charity shop glass jelly moulds, 99p each, (no expense spent).

And here are some more lovely wibbly wobbly jelly pictures from RE. You’ll find more gorgeous jellies at Bompas & Parr (jelly-mongers!) Right, I’m off to pop some more Nurofen for my lack-of-caffeine-headache. Perhaps I should have phased out coffee gradually rather than going cold turkey?! Alas. We live and learn. – Jelly Ellie

Styling with sprouts

December 17, 2009

I have become obsessed with Thornback and Peel of late, as you may have noticed, and have purchased four of their lovely napkins which I am going to frame and put on my wall because they’re too lovely to actually use. Here’s a cute Christmassy shot of their beautiful Christmas bird designs:

I picked up a postcard from Thornback and Peel at the Cockpit Arts open studio evening recently, then cheekily turned it into a little Christmas card with the aid of my trusty alphabet stamp set…

This little goose is looking for love, but I suspect he’s about to meet an oven rather than his soul-mate! – Ellie

The 12 days of Christmas

December 1, 2009

Happy Advent! And ‘hurrah’ for whoever came up with the idea of a chocolate calendar. Yeah, yeah, I know. The 12 days of Christmas period officially starts on Christmas Day and ends on Epiphany (5th January), but for artistic purposes, we’re going to do the 12 days of Christmas on HomeShoppingSpy for the first 12 days of Advent instead. Each day, we’ll bring you a beautiful buy based on a verse from the song…

Today is the first day, so check out the partridge in a pear tree Christmas card on the right from one of my favourite Textile designers, Thornback and Peel. In case you’re wondering, the lovely image above is from Homes and Gardens. It’s making me feel very festive. In fact, I’m off to wrap a load of fruit in foil. I may be some time…  – Ellie

Hot shop: DEE PUDDY

November 24, 2009

Dee Puddy has a fabulous name. It’s a bit like P Diddy, but cooler. Dee runs a lovely online shop, selling some wonderful little treats…

I like her vintage section in particular (surprise, surprise) and recently bought one of her little 1950s tea tins. You’ll spot some of these soon in the January issue of Ideal Home if you look closely. They were originally used for storing thousands of tea samples from North India, Malawi and Bangladesh. A small amount of each numbered batch was retained by the tea company for a year in case of any quality complaint from a buyer then, after the year had elapsed, the old samples would be tipped out and given or sold to staff. The tin I have still smells of tea! But I think I’ll be using it to store jewellery on my dressing table. I also bought a little ceramic ‘Buttons’ tag to tie to my jar of never-ever-used-or-needed-yet-lovely-to-look-at buttons:

And, since we’ve just officially launched Christmas on this blog, Dee does a lovely range of festive bits and bobs, too…

I was tempted by the French goose tape, because it goes so well with the goosey Thornback and Peel inspired (in other words, blatantly ripped-off) Christmas cards I am making. Should I tape each envelope shut? Shall I put a Hobbycraft feather in each card…? Hmmm. So many questions. What a very serious job I have. On a par with being an MP or a surgeon I’d say. Mwah ha ha haa. – Ellie