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February 4, 2009


We’ve just set up a HomeShoppingSpy twitter account…in the last week it’s taken over Facebook.com in the popularity stakes and everyone’s at it! It’s a site where you can literally share your every move/thought and follow your favourite celebs, magazines or organisations…

I heard on the radio this morning that the next ‘big thing’ is video tracking.. so you can see your friends and family at a touch of a button…prob still a few years in the making and definitely know we’re not ready for that yet – specially before we’ve put our makeup on in the morning!

Find us at www.twitter.com and add us to your tweet! We’ve been following Stephen Fry (always been a huge fan), Richard Bacon (he goes on and on about it on BBC 5 Live radio every night, so had to have a peek!), Trusted Reviews (great source of tech info) and Nme.com (for all the latest music goss)… – Emily