Bookish? Like typewriters? Wordy? Me too.

The Literary Gift Company is a fabulous mail-order company selling everything and anything book-related. There are tea towels and bags, mugs and badges…there’s jewellery, stationery – it’s a treasure trove and no mistake. A great place to buy gifts for others or, cough, for oneself. I love the Mills and Boon paper confetti (the hearts above) which you could throw at a literary wedding or sprinkle on your table for a dinner party – what a conversation-starter.

After yesterday’s post about tape, I’ve got a bit of a thing for the Virginia Woolf tape above – it’s £3.99 for 60m, and there’s also some tasty alphabet tape. Have a peep. – Ellie

Typewriters are cool. They’re so cool. They’re, like, really cool. Check out this print. Isn’t it cool? Does anybody mind if I over-use the word cool in this post? No? Cool.

keep calm and type onI think this is what we in the business refer to as a ‘Micro Trend’. The kind of trend that you KIND of think MIGHT be a trend, but then, when you come to find some trendy things that are part of the trend, you find, like, three things. Hence the term Micro. If it was a TREND trend – as in, horses, owls etc – there would be thousands of trendy trend-related designs fighting to be featured – indeed, we’d be auditioning all day and only a select few would make the final cut – the creme de la creme (alas still no accents, apologies) de la trend.

typewriterOf course, there’s always good old Etsy – which can, rain or shine, be relied upon to provide fantastic trend-tastic finds, even for the most obscure Micro Trend when you’re really scraping the trend dregs at the bottom of the murky, miserable trend barrel. I love the typewriter rubber stamp, the typewriter notebook, the typewriter rings, and indeed, erm, the typewriter.


American shop Three Potato Four has a lovely collection of vintage typewriters (the lovely but extortionate variety), which you could carry in a typewriter bag and, while you type, you could wear a typewriter T-shirt, while admiring a lovely typewriter print.

vintage-typewriter-keysWow – I think this might actually be promoted from Micro Trend status to TREND trend status, as there are, now I come to think of it, a few more typewriters around than I thought. Hmm, not that many though. Might just have to finish this post with a repeat of the image I opened with, but in a different colour. Cop out, I know, but times are hard. Just hope nobody notices. – Ellie

keep calm and type on