Just in time for Valentine’s Day, here’s a little look at the latest Paumes offering – Paris Creative Couples. It’s full of 18 trendy young brogue-wearing couples – elegant Parisians with His ‘n’ Hers Apple Macs and fun-sounding job titles. A bit sickening perhaps – in the same way that commuting couples who snog at the station are – but if you can see past the pink love hearts, this is a beautiful book packed with inspirational interiors that are achievable with imagination and effort – not just bags of money…

“As the pigeons pecked at his head, which poked through the sky-light, David realised Cheri always gave him the smallest screen AND the worst seat…” This isn’t a quote from the book, by the way. As we’ve discussed before, it’s in Japanese, so you have to make it up yourself. This is the lovely attic flat belonging to Stylist and Designer Cheri Messerli and her OH, Creative Director David Rager. (Incidentally, you can see photos of their old home and a sketch Cheri did of David’s head on a dog’s body at over on The Selby.) Of course, I’m jealous of their ceiling beams and general gorgeousness. Not that I’m bitter or anything.

Here’s the stylish parquet-floored flat of Aurélie Dorard and Romuald Stivine, creators of The Lazy Dog. I love the grey walls – doesn’t the blush (or are we calling it salmon pink? pale coral?!) painted mirror frame look fabulous in front of them? I also like the Elephant Grey vintage Eames rocker…and the vintage chairs…and the hanging wicker chair (just visible in the mirror’s reflection!)…and the wooden lampshade…and the advertising sign…and, let’s be honest, Romuald is rather nice, too…

You can pre-order this stunning book direct from Paumes using PayPal (here’s a link to a page that ISN’T in Japanese!) – or keep your eyes peeled at Bodie and Fou, or Ella Doran – two of the main UK stockists – as no doubt this new Paumes addition will be arriving soon! – Ellie


The Valentine Files: PART I

February 8, 2010

Ever since David Page held my hand in the Book Corner and gave me a huge, glittery hand-made card to declare his undying love (we were both four at the time), I’ve been a fan of Valentine’s Day.

On HomeShoppingSpy this week, we’re going to wade through the mountains of pink plastic hearts, teddies, helium balloons and faux roses to bring you The Valentine files – posts filled with the most beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts and some easy ways to make your own personalised love tokens, which always mean so much more than anything shop-bought. Get crafting for your other half, your secret crush…or just for yourself to make your home look fabulous!

Our first gift idea is a stunning paper heart artwork from Sarah & Bendrix at Notonthehighstreet. These remind me of Tracey Bush butterfly frames, which I’ve ripped off, (erm, been inspired by) myself.  I like the little initial/date hearts for a personal detail and the way some are stuck down completely while others are folded and 3D – so pretty.

I’ve got my eye on these delicate ceramic hearts from The Chic Country Home, but then I always was a sucker for a bit of typography…

Another romantic idea is this stylish Bedtime Stories bed linen from Tiago da Fonseca. It’s printed with ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ fairy tale from Brothers Grimm and gives a whole new meaning to reading in bed! – Ellie

Emma Bridgewater LOVE

January 6, 2010

Warm the cockles of your heart today with these gorgeous shots from Emma Bridgewater‘s new spring summer collection…

Of course, the hearts pottery is lovely and perfect for Valentines Day gifts (nudge, nudge, wink, wink…) but it’s the vintage books I’ve fallen for. The King’s England series in shades of faded red – what could be more romantic? – Ellie

While we’re on the subject of breakfast in bed, I love this retro toaster, £11.75, from ASOS. It burns the words ‘I love you’ into every piece of toast you make. How romantic! Ellie