Vintage mirrors

January 15, 2010

Arranging vintage mirrors together on a wall always looks great. Sniff them out in charity shops or at car boot sales and collect a range of different shapes and interesting styles for a really striking display.

Yes, it’s a stylist cliche, (HOW can I get an accent? HOW?) but it’s so effective, particularly on a big boring landing/stairs wall. I always think this is a tricky spot in any home…it looks odd with a small piece of artwork in the middle of it, it’s tricky to wallpaper because of the height and the stairs, and it gets a lot of abuse as people brush against it all the time. Covering this pesky wall with quirky vintage mirrors is a great solution, and will make a poky, dark landing feel lighter and larger, too.

I have been collecting old mirrors for ages and this weekend I plan to finally screw them in place on my landing wall. It’s a good idea to cut out paper templates of your mirrors (or photo frames etc) and masking tape the paper shapes in place to get the right arrangement before you start drilling holes and making a mess, so I’ll be doing that first! Here’s a great pic from DIY Ideas:

I think the mirror display in this dark blue bathroom looks fabulous…

And in this soft shabby-chic living room…

And in this hallway, too:

If you’re after a smaller display, or happen to have a lot of old hand-held mirrors knocking around, this is a cute idea:

Have a lovely weekend. I’ll be back on Monday with a HUGE trend story for you! – Ellie