Ooooh, have a look at these hot-off-the-press (or hot-out-of-the-kiln?) mugs from Welbeck Tiles (the shop we know and love for jelly tiles, cutlery tiles, coastal postcard tiles, etc)…

In pretty ice cream pastel hues, these new mugs feature vintage advertisements from British seaside resorts. Smart hotels, ‘gay’ shops selling ‘gifts that please’, hosiers and tea gardens – these font-alicious adverts hark back to a bygone era of seaside grandeur…

There’s nowt like a spot of ‘surf riding’. These mugs aren’t for sale yet, but keep your eyes on the Welbeck website – they’ll be available later this summer. – Ellie



January 26, 2011

Are you a tile-o-phile? If they’re ceramic, stylish and monochrome – I can’t resist. Much to the boyfriend’s chagrin. “How many coasters does one woman need…?” Fair point, well made. Here are some tiles on my coffee table:

Top left is a vintage Dutch tile inherited from my Grandma…top right are Big Tomato Anglepoise tiles available from Supernice, backed with felt and used as coasters…bottom left is my treasured Rob Ryan button tile…and bottom right, some random old dominoes. Pourquoi pas.

A bit more tile style for the file; some more Rob Ryan treats and Welbeck beauties. I’ve raved about Welbeck’s cutlery and jelly tiles before – but they really are stunning – perfect for a kitchen splashback. Have a look at the coastal, postcard ones too. Bianca Hall designs fun tiles, too; I think this one might be the next to be smuggled into the house and discreetly incorporated into my coffee table collection…

It was merely resting. If it’s not tiles I’m obsessing about, it’s black and white plates. Now, if somebody was to make a Ridgway-Homemaker-inspired tile, THAT would make any tile-o-phile smile. – Ellie