June 19, 2009

The new autumn/winter collection from Rice is a riot of colour, bursting with cheerful patterns, zingy bright prints and crazy combinations. Just what we need to celebrate the fact it’s nearly the weekend!



I thought I was ‘over’ my coral pink addiction, but now I’m not so sure! It works so well with the bright yellow bedstead, and the hot pink rug here. This is the kind of look I’d love to be brave enough to go for!


I really like the horse print lampshade above. Also, the 1950s-style kitchen below is so kitsch it’s cool – baby blue and candy-floss pink is always a hit with me. The images look like Barbie’s house – in a good way! HOW cute are the fridge magnets…




Following on from ‘Opens shelving = the way forward‘ earlier this week, think pink and check out the lovely shelves below. Surely cupboard doors should be BANNED!? Also, I’m loving the colour-coded crockery storage going on here. In a similar way, I like colour-coded books too…although I got into a bit of bother with the boyfriend when I colour-coded all of ours because apparently he ‘needs’ an alphabetical system because he’s ‘not visual’ and he once spent three days searching for Of Mice and Men. SIGH.


Picture 2

Now, I wonder how I can convince him that a blanket with little knitted cherries hanging off it is somehow a household essential…hmmmm. – Ellie

2 Responses to “RAINBOW time at RICE”

  1. MadMaz Says:

    wow this home is so colourful and looks amazing! I’m sooo jealous. You’re very talented too 🙂

  2. Sian Says:

    So tempted to replace all of my white crockery now!

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