July 1, 2011

Yes, it sounds like a Chinese takeaway, but bear with me…

It all started with a mild case of Eames DSW chair obsession. One day, I noticed that my ‘OFFICES TO OGLE’ desktop folder had begun to fill up with desks that had Eames DSW chairs in front of them. (The one above’s a new AW11 White Company shot. sigh.) Things got worse when I renamed the folder: ‘THE CHAIR I MUST OWN’, and I knew it was serious when, one drizzly day in a Croydon department store, I sat in a DSW for 53 minutes to ‘test’ the seat before being dragged away, tearful, confused, clutching at legs, wailing about my miserable bank balance. Ah me. An iconic mid-century Scandi-style chair with minimalist maple wood legs, black metal struts and a crisp white curved seat doesn’t come cheap. In fact, each chair is £302. Ouch. So, if you want six, that’s, (erm, calculator please, thanks) £1,812. OH THE PAIN AND THE INJUSTICE OF IT ALL.

So, imagine my delight, dear reader, when I discovered the most random-yet-useful Leicestershire-based website ever: Bluesuntree. For (ignoring the peculiar company name), me hearties, here be treasure. Treasure I tell thee!

Bluesuntree is THE place to go for designer-style buys on a budget. There are coffee tables. Sofas. Rugs. Mirrors. And Eames DSW style chairs for just £51 each. And honestly, you can’t tell the difference. I should know, I’ve sat on a few. In an ideal world I’d invest in the original and own an iconic design blah blah blah…but until then, this is the next best thing. – Ellie


12 Responses to “HOT SHOP: BLUESUNTREE”

  1. Kiara Says:

    This is officially an amazing find – thanks for sharing!

  2. Anya Says:

    I actually bought one Eames Chair about two years ago. The quality is fine and so are the delivery charges – I had the chair delivered to Germany which took a few weeks though.

    I just found out they’ve got my favourite sofa now – for under 700 € instead of a handful of thousands. Need to make space for that now…

  3. Andreea Says:

    can you tell me more about bluesuntree?
    I vistited their website and they seem ok, but i couldn’t tell much about the quality of the materials.

  4. Ellie Says:

    I can go to bed happy!

  5. NordicBliss Says:

    And I always assumed I would never be able to afford anything this stylish! What a dangerous webshop! But thanks for the tip 😀

  6. Mrs M Says:

    Its a stunning chair..if one day i can splash the cash they will hold there value. I have dreams of owning one of each style Eames made. I’ll keep dreaming x

  7. Some interesting composition shots here.

    The designs for the chairs (in the grid) are interesting and some fairly unique. Some great work from Bluesunsky!

  8. Thanks for the tip. Mrs Jason is on the other laptop now shouting across the room at me to get my credit card out!

    But seriously, that is one hell of a find from you

    thank you

  9. […] get me wrong, I do love my (pretty realistic) pretend Tulip table and DSW chairs (a bargain from here) very much… {© Decorator’s […]

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