Wood’s Ware at Paperchase

July 14, 2011

Ah, Beryl. What a name. Perfect for an iconic British tableware range. Wood’s Ware ‘Beryl’ china has become a designer classic. Mostly green (are we calling it mint?), it still fills dusty kitchen cupboards in village halls, Scout huts and churches up and down the country. It’s become a symbol of 1940s, utilitarian, chic. I once bought a whole set of Beryl Wood’s Ware in the rarer primrose yellow colour (officially, it’s called ‘Jasmine’ I think) for next to nothing at a car boot. It reminds me of having tea with my grandparents…

Lovely photos here from vintage shop, Patchwork Harmony

…anyway, this is all very lovely, but what’s the actual POINT?! The point IS, Paperchase has just released it’s AW11 collection and I was chuffed to see some rather splendid Wood’s Ware cake stands and clocks, made from ‘upcycled’ Beryl plates. How very exciting. The clocks are made from tea cups and plates, and I spent an unhealthy amount of time admiring them at the press show. They’re going to start at around £35 and will be in store around September time. Of course, I would never suggest that you learn how to safely drill a hole in a vintage plate, buy some clock hands cheaply from HobbyCraft or Clas Ohlson, then make your own for £3. That would be very cheeky indeed. – Ellie

10 Responses to “Wood’s Ware at Paperchase”

  1. Bianca Says:

    My goodness! There is my adolescence displayed on Home Shopping Spy! Wonderful! I remember my parents buying this as a “modern” replacement for a daffodil yellow set of something with taller and more crocus-shaped cups – no idea what they were called though! Thank you!

  2. Bianca Says:

    If only I had some I might try to follow your DIY tips…..!

  3. Lorna Says:

    I bought a set of Beryl crockery for Uni and I still use it because I love it. Got to get me some Jasmine though as that yellow is lovely!

  4. NordicBliss Says:

    hehe very cheeky ;).

    i love the mint green set!

  5. NordicBliss Says:

    hmm… now that I see it on my computer (instead of iPhone) it doesn’t look that “mint” green… more like – green. oops.

  6. sheena Says:

    A tile drill tip should do the trick! but I wouldnt condone it in the slightest lol … time to go and raid my mums kicthen cupboards

  7. Sally Gridneff Says:

    I have recently bought some plates quite clearly stamped Woods Ware Jasmine but they are yellow with green banding too. I can’t seem to find anything out about them – any help?

    PS My daughter uses Beryl all the time.

  8. Bea Vanwaes Says:

    Sorry, something went worng with my previous comment hence the blank..:-) I just wanted to say- I love “Beryl”- have a whole collection that I use- occasionally.It’s so quintessentially British and Miss Marple -like…( not sure if I would go as far as to drill a hole in a plate, but I am sort of pleased they are re-using and re-introducing a British classic).It’s almost indestructible by the way!!
    You can see some of it on my blog, with a recipe for seedcake, which I thought was very in keeping 🙂
    Here is the link :http://moderncountrylady.blogspot.com/2011/03/murder-at-vicarage-cup-of-tea-and-slice.html
    Have a great weekend.
    Modern Country Lady Blog

  9. christine carmichael Says:

    just purchased a whole set of Beryl including bowls and jugs in Charity shop, absolutely timeless

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